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Optimizing TCM Results Through Better Telecom Analytics (Telytics)

“How a Major League Baseball Team's `Moneyball' philosophy can provide lessons and insight for today's CEOs, CIOs, and CFOs in better managing IT/Telecom costs and delivering winning results”

Recently, as a weekend diversion, I picked up a copy of Michael Lewis's book “Moneyball: The Art of Winning an Unfair Game”. In reading this book, I saw that many of the challenges faced by the subjects of this book had a direct corollary to the challenges faced by Executives/Managers today in trying to optimize Telecom Cost Management (TCM) results.

For those of you unfamiliar with this book, it tells the story of the Oakland Athletics, their General Manager, Billy Beane, and their efforts in trying to find a way to be successful in a business typically dominated by teams with much larger player payrolls (i.e. operating budgets). Management wanted championship results, but had imposed strict budget limitations (sound familiar?) on what they were willing to pay in terms of player salaries (i.e. value for the dollar). In a nutshell, they discovered that by changing the way they evaluated player performance, and determining the associated statistical analytics that meant the most in the process of generating more runs (i.e. winning more games), that they could project those player investments that had the highest potential rate of return within their confined budget parameters. Over the past six years, employing this new statistical analysis “process” and unique approach to optimizing their player “infrastructure” to match with the specific goals and objectives of management has resulted in multiple post season playoff appearances, consistently recording the highest winning percentages, while accomplishing this feat with one of the lowest player payrolls in Major League Baseball. Despite their success, industry pundits continue to characterize the results as “a fluke”, and the rest of Major League baseball continues to operate as if spending the most money is still the best way to ensure results.
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