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Installation of a 900 MHz Ethernet Bridge
AvaLAN Wireless
One company needed to expand into a new facility and retain access at the old facility over their leased T1 lines. Costly T1 lines and limited capacity made this a non-viable option. See how they were able to avoid interference for maximum signal strength and data throughput.
Streamline the Deployment of Network Monitoring Software
You have decided that you want to install network monitoring software at your small-to-medium size business (SMB). A little preparation before the installation and configuration will save a lot of time. If you have some basic information at your fingertips on how you will be using your new network monitoring solution, the deployment process will not be sidetracked as you try to find information ...
In APP Billing Whitepaper
People love apps. Last year alone, they downloaded over 13 billion of them. But the app market is changing. Consumers are choosing Android over iOS. They are migrating to the dozens (maybe hundreds) of independent app stores that offer a more flexible alternative to Google Play. And they are rejecting the paid-for download model, preferring to get their apps for free and then pay later for ...
End-to-End Document Capture is Key to Health Care
Kofax, Inc.
End-to-End Document Capture is Key to Health Care Health care organizations and governments around the globe are facing an unprecedented need to improve health care quality and cut costs at the same time. Historically, the health care industry has been viewed as and acted very “local”, based on economic, cultural and regulatory standards. But today, even with regional differences, the challenges ...
US School District Chooses
A school district in Northwest US that consists of 13 school and administration locations with more than 5,500 students and staffers chose RADWIN's WinLink™ 1000 solution for its connectivity needs. The school district's IT department sought to implement a wireless network that would meet its bandwidth, cost and security requirements. All of the district's locations were already connected via DSL ...

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