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iCore Networks, Inc.
CLOUD-BASED SERVICES IN THE NONPROFIT SPACE ADVANCING MISSIONS THROUGH TECHNOLOGICAL INNOVATION: CLOUD-BASED SERVICES AS A KEY DRIVER TO NONPROFIT ACHIEVEMENT, GROWTH, AND SUCCESS The Increasing Need for Cloud-Based Services across the Nonprofit Space Growing Trends in Nonprofit Technology - The Bigger Picture A primary driving force among nonprofit organizations is to successfully and ...
Meeting Customers Where They Are with Dynamic, Real-Time, Mobile Engagement
Kofax Ltd
In 2014, the total number of global mobile internet users is expected to surpass the total number of desktop internet users. Organizations are facing the reality that the preferred engagement channel of their customers (and potential customers) is no longer fax, snail mail, web portals or phone—it’s mobile. As mobile adoption continues, deploying a platform that can support your customer base ...
Senior Mobile Healthcare
3Cinteractive®, LLC.
Seniors, Mobile Communication, and Health Care In January, 3Cinteractive joined President Donna Shalala and her team at the University of Miami for the Global Business Forum. The 2011 Global Business Forum focused on the business of health care and served as a call to action for thought leaders and change agents from public and private sectors of healthcare. The following white paper, Seniors, ...
Wireless GPS Tracking & Security Monitoring
KORE Telematics
Current Homeland Security's Transportation Security Administration mandates that all trains carrying chemicals capable of creating a toxic inhalation condition are equipped with on-board safety monitoring systems. Find out how Lat-Lon's GPS tracking, monitoring and image capture solution can increase security and safety while reducing risk while falling in line with TSA's compliance regulations.
13 Questions to Ask When Choosing Compliance Software
IBS America, Inc.
Simplify Compliance - Compliance Software Checklist

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The First Mile Kofax Ltd This is the Age of the Customer. Today's customers are sophisticated, connected and empowered. They expect ease-of-use, intuitive self-service and fast ...
The KORE Network: Fully Managed and Designed exclusively for M2M Quality Service KORE Telematics Danny Thomas, EVP Technology and Service Operations - explains the keys to designing and building the highest availability, purpose-built M2M Services ...

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