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Telecom Cost Management – A Critical Factor for Business Success in a Slow Economy

“65% of Industry Average companies do not have telecom cost management plans that have been approved at the C-level.” Aberdeen

Does your company have a formal documented strategic plan for optimizing and managing telecom costs during these uncertain economic times? Has your management approved additional budget resources to projects to help reduce IT/telecom operating expenses? Did you know that a 15% reduction in IT/telecom related expenses can yield a $.02 to $.03 increase in earnings per share, for publicly traded companies, which can translate into as much as a 20% swing in the price and value of the company stock and subsequent market valuation?

If you answered “no” to the previous questions then your company may be missing a significant opportunity to be more successful during this challenging business climate.

This article will address various cost management strategies and their potential beneficial financial impacts to those companies that embrace a proactive approach to telecom cost optimization.
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