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Q & A With Scott Davisson, Cofounder, Acclivity

By Mark Chatow, Executive Director--Global Marketing 415.288.3697 | info@sourcebits.com

Acclivity has been a Sourcebits client for three years. Their co-founder, Scott Davisson spoke with Sourcebits about what he's learned.

Prior to Acclivity, Scott was with Intuit working in their professional tax software group. In the early 2000s he came to a company called MYOB. In 2005 he and his partner, Tom Nash, undertook a management buyout.

Since then, they've been Acclivity. They have a core line of business called Account Edge, which develops small business software and sells that around the world. They also have Checkout, a point of sale product for the Mac, and Rerun, a subscription billing online app.
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