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Case Study-Networking Banks Via WIMAX Technology
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This project has a main purpose and goal, which is to connect the main bank office with other bank offices and buildings to achieve secure bank data trans- fer between all offices. This is very necessary for the bank.

In most countries, the systems used for data transfer between companies or banks are based on fiber optic networks such as PSTN and GSM. But in Iraq , the situation is different because Iraq does not have the infrastructure for this network and even if it existed, it would have likely been damaged because of the successive wars that Iraq has known . So, Fidaa Group Co. needed to find an alternative idea to manage the installed network of this bank in order to have a reliable network . Fidaa Group Co. had chosen WiMAX technology from Proxim Wireless for many reasons, which will be discussed later.

This project is a premier project in the Middle East and the world using the WiMAX technology in banks network, and we hope it will help to open a new vision of WiMAX technology applications.

Before Fidaa Group started to find a proper solution for the bank network, there were regular solutions like satellite VSAT connection, SCPC-SCPC, con- nection with public IP and dynamic SCPC-SCPC VSAT and even the shared satellite systems like DVB-S – RCS, but all of these systems shared four main problems:

1-The high costs – Satellite connections bandwidth used to reach about $3,000.00 for each 1 mbps, whereas it costs nearly $0 after initial up-front equipment costs with WiMAX.
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