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Case Study-Aqaba Water Company Selects Proxim Wireless
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Aqaba Water Company Selects Proxim Wireless for Automated SCADA Network

The Aqaba Water Company (AWC), the ocial water treatment and management company of Aqaba- Jordan, needed a high performance network that could cost-eectively connect the many components of their water wells network. After evaluating the cost and performance of wireless versus wired solutions, the AWC deployed Proxim’s wireless equipment to connect their critical network.

AWC is utilizing both Proxim’s point-to-multipoint (PtMP) and point-to-point (PtP) wireless equipment to create a private network to connect their water wells to a centralized supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) network, as an alternative solution to a costly leased-line or IP VPN solution. The Association for Contracting, Manufacturing and Project Management (ACMP) was selected by AWC as the systems integrator and managed the entire installation.

The AWC’s automated SCADA network interconnects all of the components of the water wells for ecient monitoring and control. The scope of the SCADA network – covering all wells – required a very high performance and cost eective solution. By deploying Proxim’s PtMP and PtP wireless solutions and taking advantage of Proxim’s centralized wireless management software, AWC saved over 300,000 JD (more than $422,000 USD) in up-front capital cost and about 15,000 JD (over $21,000 USD) annually in running cost compared to IP VPN Solutions.

“This network is extremely important as it provides the basis of our automated water treatment and management system for the entire Aqaba region. Therefore, we had to select a networking solution that would provide the utmost performance, security and value,” said Eng. Mwafaq Alawneh, Technical Support Manager for Aqaba Water Company. “Proxim’s equipment was the only solution that could provide similar performance to leased-line networks, but at a fraction of the cost. As a result, Proxim has provided us with a network that provides extremely high availability while saving us thousands per year.”
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