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Converged TDM and IP- Based Broadband Solutions White Paper

OnSite™ OS-10 Multi-Service over SDH Provisioning

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Overview Patton's OS-10 series of µMSPP platforms enable you to meet the full range of leased line access network requirements for business users. The OS-10 series is a family of high value access platforms designed to deliver current and emerging telecom and data com- munication services, addressing the changing require- ments of service providers - both fixed line and wire- less - and enterprise customers. Enterprise end users from government, financial, utilities and natural resource exploration industries, among others, all benefit from OS-10 solutions in their networks.

TDM is reliable, proven and understood, and it con- tinues to deliver solid performance with guaranteed bandwidth for voice and data applications. Mission- critical services such as banking, highway control, defense and other government services continue to rely on TDM. When TDM is combined with Ethernet packet-switched technology on the same platform, as with Patton's OnSite series µMSPP, you have the flexi- bility to deliver reliable,revenue-generating leased line services while ensuring a smooth migration as the network evolves.
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