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Patton Whitepaper: SIP Trunking - IP Telephony for the Enterprise
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SIP Trunking: IP Telephony for the Enterprise

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SIP, the acronym stands for Session Initiation Protocol, has emerged as the universal standard for Voice-over-Internet Protocol (VoIP) services. As with its predecessors (HTTP for web browsing or SMTP for email), SIP enables users to engage in integrated communications anywhere and anytime regardless of the underlying network infrastructures employed. The ubiquitous availability of Internet access has ushered in the era of SIP-based trunking services, which enable enterprises to migrate from dual, physically separate voice and data networks to a converged and consolidated all-IP infrastructure.

The migration to SIP-powered IP telephony has taken the world’s businesses by storm as it paves the way toward the new world of Unified Communications. Have you joined the crowd? If you have been contemplating moving towards IP-based telephony supported by such services as SIP trunking, perhaps now is the ideal time to make the leap.
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