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Mobility in Healthcare: Results from the Road

By Ajay Mishra, Co-Founder and Chief Customer Officer at MobileIron

In the last month, I met with the CIO staff of ten hospitals and health care providers across the U.S. to understand the role mobility was playing in their IT and patient care strategies. The common theme I heard was: “We have a lot of physicians who are #1 in their field. They and their staff want the best tools available for both patient care and teaching. They are bringing the coolest smartphones and tablets into the hospital, and now our CIO staff has no choice but to figure out how to secure and support them.” I also noticed that seven of these teams had members carrying iPads. After returning from my trip, I followed up with the teams I’d met and asked them three questions: 1. What is your business driver for mobility? 2. How are you planning to implement your mobile strategy? 3. What keeps you up at night? Following is a summary of their responses.

“What is your business driver for mobility?” I found the CIO staffs to be very forward thinking, with lots of ideas on how mobility could positively change their business. Most had originally focused on regulatory compliance, with email as the “killer app,” but now their focus was shifting to innovation and ways to support the missions of the hospitals. The two most common were: Offer best patient care • One patient rehabilitation site is planning to hand out an iPad to each admitted patient for internet access and entertainment during their long recuperative cycle. • Most organizations have already mobilized some communications (i.e., email) and reference apps (e.g., Epocrates), and are now looking at radiology, chronic disease management, and patient care applications. • There is substantial interest in the next generation of tablets (starting with iPad). Though the interest is early, many of the organizations mentioned that they were at least thinking of bringing more of their laptop applications over to the new form factors.

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