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Real-Time Convergent Charging
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Real Time Convergent Charging (RTCC) is not a synonym for prepaid charging. While ‘real-time’ processes evolved to support a narrow range of prepaid services, RTCC enables the application of sophisticated and real-time charging mechanisms to convergent services. This holistic approach to service delivery will increasingly drive the superior customer experience and service differentiation that Communications Service Providers (CSP) need to succeed in the 21st century. For most CSPs, the adoption of RTCC will be a necessity rather than a luxury. It is a response to the radically- changing nature of the markets in which they operate.

The majority of telecoms markets are moving out of the high growth phase that characterised the past decade. Now increased price competition, a broader range of competitors, and a shift in investors’ strategy, is forcing the market to restructure in two main directions: (a) consolidation to fewer, larger, shared networks focusing on network transport; and (b) a greater number of branded resellers, and independent digital media publishers focusing on rich service offerings.

For both groups, billing transformation and RTCC are a prerequisite for long-term success. The newly consolidated network operators must function efficiently, which demands the tight and real-time control of revenue that RTCC brings. For those focusing on service delivery, RTCC enables service innovation, allied to real-time control of debt exposure for more partner services and the ability to rate and bill on behalf of partners.

• Enhanced time to market for new products, services and bundles: Enabling the organisation to respond quickly and adapt to competitors’ actions and technical/market developments (i.e. Quadruple Play, fixed/mobile convergence, competitive promotions)

• Increased ability to generate more revenue from the existing subscriber base through real-time actionable intelligence: Achieved through enhanced understanding of customers’ spending patterns and the potential to up-sell, cross-sell and make targeted offers to any subscriber
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