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AvaLAN Wireless  Founded in 2004, AvaLAN Wireless ("AvaLAN") is an industry leading developer and manufacturer of long range industrial wireless radio technology. AvaLAN's products are designed to enable affordable wireless connections...
BridgeWave Communications  BridgeWave Communications is the leading supplier of high capacity 4G backhaul and gigabit wireless connectivity solutions.
4G Mobile Backhaul Today's mobile backhaul is comprised of copper-based T1/E1 circuits, microwave links and a small portion of fiber. As 4G capabilities are added to today's...
60 GHz Gigabit Ethernet BridgeWave 60 GHz wireless Ethernet bridges provide wireless gigabit performance with robust wireless network security features. BridgeWave wireless bridges...
Star Microwave  Star Microwave Licensed and License-Exempt wireless microwave systems support backbone, backhaul, last-mile, fiber extension, broadcast, and surveillance with products and services.
All indoor RF Unit All-indoor, high capacity RF unit
Cirius LM Split TDM plus Ethernet
Axxcelera Broadband Wireless.  Axxcelera, Wireless Broadband, WiMAX, Licensed, unlicensed, 3650, WIFi, Full Duplex, WiSP, PDH, SDH, 5GHz, Multiband
ExcelFlex 6-38 GHz The ExcelFlex™ is a full featured microwave radio for the global telecommunications market. It consists of a Software Defined Indoor Unit™ (SDIDU™) and...
Proxim Wireless  Proxim Wireless provides Wi-Fi®, WiMAX, Point-to-Multipoint and Point-to-Point Backhaul technologies for a complete indoor and outdoor wireless broadband ecosystem.
Tsunami® MP-8150-SUR-100 Proxim Wireless is a leader and an early innovator in wireless technology providing high‐speed,long‐range broadband wireless solutions. Leveraging the...
Carlson Wireless Technologies, Inc.  Specializing in hard-to-reach regions and remote operations, Carlson provides fixed-wireless systems using TV white-space and microwave technology to deliver full voice and data connections.
EDX Wireless LLC  EDX creates software tools that are widely used engineering products for designing wireless communications networks, including wireless broadband, LTE, WiMAX, Wi-Fi, public safety, and other mobile wireless systems.
EDXSignalPro + Network Design The principal building block of EDX’s comprehensive line of wireless network engineering tools, it is appropriate for any system, including broadband...
Microcell/Indoor Add-On Module A specialized optional module for use with EDX SignalPro that includes additional features for microcell (outdoor and outdoor-to-indoor) and indoor wireless...
Anritsu  Anritsu provides solutions for existing and next-generation wired and wireless communication systems and operators. Anritsu products include wireless, optical, microwave/RF, and digital instruments as well as operations...
Broadband •Replacement Parts •Training and Education •Repair and Calibration •Resource Center •Technical Support •Professional Services •Talk to Anritsu ...
Focus Microwaves  Focus Microwaves Inc. offers products such as automatic impedance tuners from below 20MHz to 110GHz and on-wafer integrated load pull and noise measurement systems. Focus holds most relevant patents related to...
Computer Controlled Microwave Tuner Computer Controlled Microwave Tuner; cover 0.1 to 65GHz in coaxial and 26.5 to 110GHz in waveguide; CCMT tuners use one or two probes to cover various...
iTuner iTuner is a stand-alone automatic tuner concept; it contains its own micro-processor, firmware, memory and calibration files. It can tune to an impedance...
Maury Microwave Corporation  Load Pull, Noise Figure, Measurement and Modeling, TRL and SOLT Calibration Kits, Coaxial and Waveguide Adapters
Mentum  Mentum helps operators maximize their network investment and reduce time to market through innovative wireless network planning, management and optimization solutions.
Mentum CellPlanner Advanced tool for planning and optimizing wireless access networks.
Mentum Fusion Engineering Automation Platform for Better Operational Efficiency
LightPointe  LightPointe designs and manufactures high-speed outdoor wireless products for cost-effective bridging in enterprise and carrier networks.
SAF Tehnika  SAF Tehnika is a point-to-point digital microwave data transmission equipment manufacturer providing wireless backhaul solutions worldwide
CFIP Lumina CFIP Lumina systems are intended for Gigabit Ethernet backbone applications delivering up to 366 Mbps per radio
SAF FreeMile 24 GHz SAF FreeMile 24 FODU - a new generation license free 24GHz ISM band radio for Ethernet packet data and E1 voice transmission.
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Wireless Microwave - Product Reviews

Wireless backhaul system replaces fiber-optics in St. Thomas broadband network
Valerie Coffey, Online Industry Editor

DragonWave (Ottawa, Ontario), a provider of packet microwave radio systems for next-generation IP networks, announced on Nov. 8 that Choice Communications, LLC (St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands; USVI) chose them as the provider of a high-capacity, next-generation wireless backhaul system for its converged mobile-services network in the USVI. The system, launched in November, is part of the first 4G mobile-broadband network in the USVI… Read More

Wireless Microwave Research Library

Installation of a 900 MHz Ethernet Bridge
AvaLAN Wireless
One company needed to expand into a new facility and retain access at the old facility over their leased T1 lines. Costly T1 lines and limited capacity made this a non-viable option. See how they were able to avoid interference for maximum signal strength and data throughput.
The Economics of Gigabit 4G Mobile Backhaul
BridgeWave Communications
As 4G capabilities are added to today’s urban 2G/3G networks or are rolled out as green-field deployments, cell site backhaul and aggregation network requirements will rise from the tens and hundreds of megabits/second into the gigabits/second of capacity range. Examine how low cell-site fiber penetration rates, coupled with often prohibitive costs of new fiber lateral deployment, will drive the ...
Broadband Wireless Backhaul: Systems, Trends, Applications & Solutions
Proxim Wireless
Traditionally backhaul networks have been acquainted with Eth- ernet cables, fiber, copper wires and other means of limited and expensive cabled infrastructures. Today the increased demand for high-bandwidth, data-intensive services with guaranteed Quality of Services (QoS) and the exponential growth in consumer devices are posing a real challenge to TELCOs and Service Providers. This con- fined ...
The Dollars and sense of Broadband wireless
EDX Wireless LLC
Although there is widespread and growing interest in broadband wireless in general and OFDMA technologies in particular there are a number of unanswered questions that remain - unanswered questions that can finally be answered.
EDX Wireless LLC
During the past five years, demand for wireless services in both the commercial and residential sectors has exploded. Wireless telecommunications service providers are responding to this demand by developing several high frequency systems for urban areas, one of which is local multipoint distribution service (LMDS). The goal of LMDS is to enable customers to send and receive voice, video and data ...

Wireless Microwave Video

AvaLAN Wireless AW5800HTP PAIR AvaLAN Wireless New Long Range 5Mbps Outdoor Wireless Ethernet Bridge Pair from AvaLAN Wireless
BridgeWave’s product lines: an overview. BridgeWave Communications Randy Montoya of BridgeWave Communications presenting an overview of BridgeWave’s product lines at APCO 2013 in Anaheim, CA (August 19, 2013).
Wireless Microwave BridgeWave Communications Information

Wireless Microwave News

Wireless Microwave Charles Industries, Ltd. Communications
Wireless Microwave iCore Networks, Inc. Communications
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