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Extending 2.4 GHz ZigBee® Short-Range Radio Performance with Skyworks SKY65336/SKY65337 Front-End Modules
Skyworks Solutions, Inc.
Skyworks SKY65336 and SKY65337 ZigBee Front-End Modules (FEMs) can greatly enhance the performance of a ZigBee radio solution when integrated with any ZigBee low power reference design. Both devices can transmit up to 100 times more power than a typical 0 dBm low power ZigBee radio transmitter and can reduce the level of unwanted spurious emissions to be compliant with the main regulatory ...
Measuring Digitally Modulated RF Signals
Berkeley Varitronics Systems
Digitally modulated radio-frequency (RF) signals manifest unique characteristics at personal communications (PCS) frequencies when they are reflected. Reflections add out-of-phase data symbols that cause bit errors. Paradoxically, simple signal-strength measurements at PCS frequencies (using signals with a narrow bandwidth, such as a continuous wave [CW]) can be deceptive because, although the ...
Flex Your Backhaul Network with Adaptive Coding & Modulation
Adaptive Coding and Modulation (ACM) was designed to help operators maximize spectrum usage and increase the capacity of their backhaul links over any given channel bandwidth, under any weather condition, at any link budget. Read an introduction to ACM, it simplifies mobile network planning and helps operators achieve better results both in the field as well as on their balance sheets.
The Benefits of Dynamic Adaptive Modulation for High Capacity Wireless Backhaul Solutions
The Benefits of Dynamic Adaptive Modulation in High Capacity Wireless Backhaul Solutions Wireless backhaul enjoys a growing popularity with both fixed and mobile carriers who wish to speed their network deployments and cut back on both CAPEX and OPEX. But going wireless sometimes comes at a cost. Wireless communication systems are affected by changing weather conditions. If not handled correctly, ...
Measuring digitally modulated RF signals
Berkeley Varitronics Systems
Part II-Use a sequential-correlating channel sounder to optimize 2GHz personal communications services (PCS) systems and to overcome the degenerative effects of multipath reflections on signals with digital modula - Reception of digitally modulated radio-frequency (RF) signals on per- sonal communications services (PCS) frequencies can be disrupted when the transmitted signal is reflected along ...

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STT 40G: OTN OTU3, SDH STM-256, SONET OC-768 Test Set with 10G 10.7G Drop and Insert Port Sunrise Telecom Incorporated Comprehensive 43G OTN and 40G SDH/SONET Testing The versatile and powerful STT 40G takes Sunrise Telecoms Scalable Test Toolkit (STT®) platform to a new ...
MTT: Modular Test Tollkit Overview Sunrise Telecom Incorporated Comprehensive Telecom Network Handheld Test Set\n\nThe explosive growth of Internet traffic over telecom lines includes business-critical voice, data, and ...
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