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Single Emitter Diode Laser

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808nm Multi Mode 10W 200µm Laser Diode - Case Study
Axcel Photonics
Learn about 808nm multi mode laser diodes with up to 8W of continuous output power from a 200µm single emitter chip. High brightness, high quality, and high reliability with immeasurable degradation and long lifetimes serves a broad range of applications including solid state pumping, graphics, medical, dental, industrial, and defense.
Laser Diode Principles
Power Technology, Inc.
Basic principles of laser diode technology
Single Fiber Pluggable Transceivers
Introduction Fiber optic networking has traditionally required two strands of fiber to accomplish full duplex communications. To achieve full duplex transmission (meaning that transmitting and receiving signals can occur simultaneously) one strand is reserved for transmitting, the other for receiving. Single strand fiber solutions are the simplest way to fiber optimization, immediately doubling ...
New 2.94µm Er:YAG laser
Sheaumann Laser
An efficient, compact diode-laser-pumped 2.94µm Er:YAG laser operating at 1.5 W continuous output power in a TEM00 beam with M2<1.2 has demonstrated pulsed operation in the quasi-cw regime with energies up to 9 mJ. Power scaling and output beam fiber-coupling at 85% efficiency in a hermetic package will be described.
High Power Diode Lasers
Axcel Photonics
High Power Diode Lasers are sold with emphasis on quality, reliability and performance. Available in these wavelengths: 785nm,808nm,830nm,850nm,915nm, 940nm,975nm,1064nm.

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Cover-All's MIC: A Single Powerful Solution Cover-All Technologies, Inc.
Microsoft Events Selects Xirrus to Deliver Ultra-High Density Wi-Fi XIRRUS Xirrus Solves Microsoft Events Dilemma of Connecting Thousands of Simultaneous Users in a Single Conference Room with High Performance, High Density Wi-Fi.
Single Emitter Diode Laser KORE Telematics Communications

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Single Emitter Diode Laser Telmar Network Technology Products
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