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Why ISO Embracing Organizations Have a Leg up on SOX Compliance
IBS America, Inc.
The target audience of this paper is the reader who is familiar with the concepts of the ISO 9000/14000 family and has an appreciation for the benefits of adhering to a standard. This paper describes how an organization that has learned to leverage and benefit from the ISO family of standards is well positioned to extend this learning to conform to the new Sarbanes Oxley regulations.
Leveraging SOX to Optimize Shareholder Value Study Overview
"Compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) regulations is not optional, and many organizations have had little choice but to invest significant financial resources into non-value-adding process documentation, employee training, IT systems, and external consulting. But aside from passive compliance benefits, these investments have brought little reward. This excerpt describes how leading organizations ...
SAS-70 Evaluation Service Organizations' Internal Controls is Key to Section 404 Compliance
LightEdge Solutions, Inc
Section 404 of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002, requires public companies to assess the effectiveness of their internal controls over nancial reporting. Many public companies, as part of their respective efforts to achieve compliance under Section 404, discovered that certain nancial reporting controls that they relied upon were actually maintained by outsourced third-party service ...
CyberShift Implements CobbleSoft Service Management Software as Key Part of its Total Client Service Quality Program
CobbleSoft International Ltd
When you're the leader of the technology pack, how do you reassure customers that your controls and processes are in compliance with the highest of industry standards? A CobbleSoft Customer Solutions Case Study CyberShift Implements CobbleSoft Service Management Software as Key Part of its Total Client Service Quality Program Solution Enables Consolidation of Customer Support, Incident ...
Technology Business Research (TBR)
Consulting and Systems integration business continues to be under pressure, as the market environment remains volatile. Consulting tends to fall in the discretionary budget category. In many instances, the offerings that consulting companies have are not critical to the survival of the business in the downturn. Thus, large ERP implementations, system and software upgrades, strategy consulting or ...

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STF Consulting Flexes Air-Tight Defense & Game-Changing Centralized Management from WatchGuard WatchGuard Technologies Serving 35 customers and over 800 users across a diverse range of industries, STF consulting is a 5-person Managed Service Provider leveraging WatchGuard ...
LightEdge Solutions - IT Professionals LightEdge
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