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5 Tips To Effective Compensation Planning
SumTotal Systems
Compensation management systems simplify and standardize the planning, modeling, budgeting, analysis, and execution of global compensation and reward policies. Organizations that have invested in these systems cite a number of signicant benets, including: • Simplify compensation policy planning and administration and effectively communicate policies across the organization • Manage all forms of ...
Guidelines for Implementing a KM Rewards and Recognition Program
Organizations that want to increase collaboration among employees must commit to cultural change and be serious about incentivizing collaborative behavior. This article describes a set of guidelines for successfully implementing a rewards and recognition program for knowledge management (KM): 1.Start Early. 2.Tap the right people to do the planning. 3.Coordinate with stakeholders. 4.Automate ...
WNS Analyst and Advisor Conference
Technology Business Research (TBR)
TBR Perspective Recent restructuring initiatives at WNS will lead to a stronger foothold in the global BPO market as deeper client focus drives transformational outsourcing wins. WNS, a pure-play India-based business process outsourcing organization, has recently undertaken a transformational agenda of its internal operations in an effort to become an established global BPO firm and to lay a ...
Absence Management: time Is Money
SumTotal Systems
How Organizations Can Effectively Monitor and Manage Absences to Improve Productivity and Mitigate Risk Employee absence is a significant cost for businesses, and absence management has gained C-level visibility as more organizations seek to understand and reduce the direct and indirect costs associated with employee absences while increasing the productivity of their workforces. An automated ...
Telecom Expense Management: A Valuable Solutions for an Economic Slow Down
With the recession of 2008, increasing in gas prices, and the continuing mortgage crises, difficult economic times are here and appear to loom on the horizon for some time to come. In deciding not to further reduce interest rates in late June, the Federal Reserve sited “Tight credit conditions, the ongoing housing contraction, and the rise in energy prices are likely to weigh on economic growth ...

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STF Consulting Flexes Air-Tight Defense & Game-Changing Centralized Management from WatchGuard WatchGuard Technologies Serving 35 customers and over 800 users across a diverse range of industries, STF consulting is a 5-person Managed Service Provider leveraging WatchGuard ...
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