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Targets for Working Capital Management
The U.S. and global recession that began in late 2007 have affected organizations in unprecedented ways. The credit crunch that rocked the wholesale money market during 2008 has spilled over to the commercial debt and loan arena. Many CFOs saw the cost of credit to fund daily operations soar. Many also found their access to external financing barred as bankers struggled to manage their capital ...
Linear Polymer Dielectric Coating
Device Technologies
Examine the advantages of powder coating over conventional liquid coatings and how Device Technologies has developed a division that has multiple reel to reel polymer coating lines often running continuously, coating a variety of profiles from flat wire, strip metals, precision stampings and cable. Additionally, an optional coating can be made for bandolier mounted electronic components. While ...
Converting Waste Water Management Problems into Clean Solutions
KORE Telematics
Delivering a cost effective, efficient, wireless remote monitoring solution to ensure waste water pump stations processing leachate liquid — contaminated water emanating from landfills — operate properly in Waste Management’s landfill locations.
Checklist for Developing World-Class Leaders
In 2007, APQC undertook a Collaborative Benchmarking study, World Class Leaders: Identifying, Assessing, and Developing High-Potential Talent. Five organizations with innovative practices were selected for detailed study through structured data collection and site visits: Air Liquide, Liz Claiborne Inc., Raytheon Co., Sonoco Products Co., and Staples Inc. Based on the practices of these ...
World-Class Leadership: Study Overview
In 2007, APQC embarked on a Collaborative Benchmarking study, World-Class Leadership: Identifying, Assessing, and Developing High-Potential Talent, to learn how best-practice organizations recognize and develop global leaders. Air Liquide, Liz Claiborne, Raytheon, Sonoco, and Staples were identified as best-practice organizations and studied through structured data collection and site visits. The ...

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KORE M2M Networks and Technologies in Remote Moniitoring KORE Telematics Director of Marketing Stein Soelberg discusses M2M networks and technologies in remote monitoring - the ability of enterprise organizations to remotely ...
Digital Signage Expo 2010 Interview AvaLAN Wireless Matt Nelson; President, CEO of AvaLAN Wireless Systems Inc.
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