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AudioCodes  media gateways, IP phones, session border controller, SBC
Mediant 1000 E-SBC AudioCodes’ Mediant 1000 Enterprise Session Border Controller (E-SBC) is a member of AudioCodes family of Enterprise Session Border Controllers, enabling...
Mediant 3000 E-SBC The Mediant 3000 Enterprise Session Border Controller (E-SBC) is a member of AudioCodes' family of Enterprise Session Border Controllers, enabling...
Ingate Systems  Ingate Firewalls and Enterprise Session Border Controllers (E-SBCs) enable secure SIP communcations including VoIP, SIP trunking and Unified Communications.
Ingate Enhanced Security Module The Enhanced Security Module adds another layer of security for SIP-based applications. It features an Intrusion Detection System/Intrusion Prevention...
Ingate Firewalls Ingate enterprise class firewalls are available in a range of models to meet the needs of the entire enterprise market. All Ingate Firewalls enables SIP...
Cataleya  SBC Session Border Controller IP network networking switch swithcing next generation session application manager QoS QoE solution SAF Orchid One
Orchid One Network Session and Application Manager
FRAFOS  FRAFOS provides session border control solutions with GUI-based management, open interfaces, SIP session control, border access control, high availability and performance and network monitoring features
FRAFOS ABC SBC Highly scalable and flexible session border controller
WorldOne Communications  WorldOne Communications is a stocking reseller of surplus and secondary-market telecommunications equipment, session border controllers, fiber optic cable, and other telecom related assets. We specialize in Acme Packet...
Squire Technologies  SS7 VoIP Media Gateways, VoIP Softswitch, Session Border Controller, Media Gateway Controller, SS7 ISDN Protocol Converters, SS7 SMSC, SMS Gateways & Wholesale Billing Solutions
Acme Packet  Acme Packet, Inc. (NASDAQ: APKT), the leader in session border control solutions, enables the delivery of trusted, first-class interactive communications—voice, video and multimedia sessions—and data services across IP...
NET-NET 2600 Acme Packet’s Net-Net 2600 is an integrated session border controller platform for enterprises and IP contact centers requiring control for 150 up to 4000...
NET-NET 3800 Acme Packet Net-Net 3800 is a SBC or SRP solution for mid-range enterprise or service provider deployments. Comprised of two distinct systems, the Net-Net...
Patton Electronics  Patton is your source for VoIP routers, SBC Session border controllers, Voip media gateways, internet access routers, WAN routers, high-speed internet, DSL modems, DSL routers ethernet extenders, remote access servers,...
SmartNode™ 2290 Series The 2290 Series Leased Line Extender is a SmartNode that enables end users to deploy Leased-line applications like an Always On connection even on the...
SmartNode 4120 The SmartNode™ 4120 ISDN BRI PSTN Gateway converts up to four simultaneous phone or T.38 fax calls from SIP to ISDN BRI. It is a compact reliable standalone...
VocalTec  magicJack VocalTec Ltd. (Nasdaq symbol: CALL), the inventor of VoIP including the softphone and magicJack, has the goal of becoming the leading international provider of global voice over many platforms. The company has...
Sangoma Technologies Corporation  The communications landscape continues to grow in complexity, with more devices, networks, clouds and systems needing to communicate. Sangoma’s portfolio of products enables Service Providers, Carriers, Enterprises, SMBs...
Sipera Systems, Inc  Sipera Systems is a worldwide leader in security solutions for Unified Communications (UC). Companies across the globe rely on Sipera’s solutions to simplify and confidently deploy their VoIP and UC over any network to...
VoIP Logic LLC  VoIP Logic is a global provider of Voice over-Internet Protocol (VoIP) Managed Services and the creator of Cortex® OSS for multi-system provisioning and management. The Company is focused on deploying, integrating and...
GENBAND   GENBAND is a global leader in smart networking solutions for service providers and enterprises in more than 80 countries. From the Core to the Edge to the Experience™, the company’s technology seamlessly evolves IP...
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Session Border Controllers - Product Reviews

Session border controllers are racing to keep up with VoIP market growth and ease the transition to all-SIP environments

Session border controllers (SBCs) have become important elements as the VoIP market makes huge gains. SBCs offer security, quality of service (QoS), statistics reporting and flow prioritization. Plus, they can handle regulatory requirements like emergency calls. SBCs should be fast, with low latency and high availability. Drivers pushing ever more functional and intelligent SBCs are security concerns, service reach maximization, SLA assurance and regulatory compliance, along with cost management.

As the VoIP market continues to grow, ever more SBC devices are needed to handle the increasing traffic volume. Some providers pair SBCs with existing media gateways for hybrid products, and integrating IP routers with SBCs often makes sense, as they are both located at the same spot. As organizations move toward all-SIP (session initiation protocol) to control communication sessions, SBCs have become invaluable as protocol translation devices to achieve VoIP interoperability. 

Best-in-Class Session Border Controller Features:

  • Offers integrated self-protection features, high availability and browser-based configuration and call tracing
  • Clusters SBCs and manages them as one to meet increasing numbers of sessions and provides adaptive load balancing for subscribers
  • Provides secure management tools, with reporting, logging and dynamic configuration change capabilities

Top Considerations before Buying Session Border Controller Products:

Cutting-edge SBC functionality can be run in a variety of form factors, and SBCs can be clustered to manage ever-growing numbers of session requests. Look for advanced routing and policy engines, as well as subscriber load balancing. SBCs may slowly be transitioning into parts of larger solutions, and in the future may be embedded and run on a blade or appliance. Some softswitch vendors have built-in SBC capabilities though full integration may wait until a move to an entirely IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS)-based architecture.

Key Products

1. Patton designs, develops, and manufactures electronic communications equipment for network access, connectivity, voice-over-IP, video surveillance and triple play. Their SmartNode 5200 Enterprise Session Border Router (ESBR) controller delivers any-to-any SIP trunking, with secure routing. The controller provides secure connectivity between IP-PBX systems and ITSPs and a built-in firewall. SmartNode won the Internet Telephony Excellence Award in 2009. SmartNode also offers unified communications agents, VoIP gateways, routers and IADs.

2. AudioCodes Ltd. designs, manufactures and sells advanced VoIP and converged VoIP and data networking products and applications to service providers and enterprises. Their nCite 1000 session border controllers are ideal for operators deploying VoIP hosted services or are interconnecting networks with other VoIP carriers. It allows for collapsing of multiple applications in a single platform and allows service layering architecture. Protocol interoperability and network mediation are possible.

3. Ingate Systems provides Enterprise Session Border Controllers (E-SBCs) that enable SIP communications such as SIP trunking and unified communications beyond the protected enterprise network. Ingate offers the Intertex IX78 E-SBC for operator-volume SIP trunking deployments. Their Enhanced Security Module adds security for SIP-based applications, and Ingate also offers firewalls, SIP traversal licenses, quality of service modules, remote SIP connectivity modules and VoIP survival modules. Along with remote connectivity functionality, the Ingate VPN module enables remote worker access.

4. Acme Packet, Inc. enables the delivery interactive communications—voice, video and multimedia sessions—and data services across IP network borders. Their Net-Net product line offers session border controllers, multiservice security gateway and session routing proxies, supporting multiple applications in service provider, enterprise and contact center networks, whether VoIP trunking, hosted enterprise or fixed-mobile convergence situations. The Net-Net 2600 is an integrated SBC for enterprises and IP contact centers requiring control for up to 4,000 simultaneous signaled sessions. Other Net-Net varieties fit different organizational needs.

5. Metaswitch Networks provides scalable carrier systems solutions, including Session Border Controller Software (DC-SBC), designed for system vendors.  DC-SBC includes many of the essential control functions needed in an IMS environment. It’s available as a complete solution or modularized for organizations to use individual components. Both options integrate into existing infrastructures or with field-deployed systems. Features include SLA policing, network congestion avoidance, encryption, bandwidth theft detection and firewall traversal.

Session Border Controllers
Definition: A session border controller (SBC) is a device used in some Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) networks to exert control over the signaling and usually also the media streams involved in setting up, conducting, and tearing down telephone calls or other interactive media communications.


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