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Redknee  Redknee is a leading provider of business-critical monetization and subscriber management software products for communication service providers.
RevChain Solutions  RevChain Solutions is based in Boca Raton, Florida, and for over ten years, our software products have supported critical billing and customer management requirements for leading service providers. RevChain successfully...
RevChain Commerce Commerce includes the Commerce Client and a set of C++ Service Applications. The Commerce Client is used by two sets of users. Administrators configure the...
RevChain Interact Interact is an internet browser-based system used by CSRs (Customer Service Representatives) to create and maintain subscriber accounts and subscriber...
Rivermine Inc.  Rivermine is a leading provider of automated, award-winning solutions that enable organizations to gain visibility into, and control over, their wireline and wireless telecom spend. More than 300 companies including many...
On-Demand: Communications Asset Inventory The Communications Asset Inventory Management solution is the cornerstone of Rivermine’s on-demand enterprise expense management platform. The solution...
Sorriso Technologies, Inc  Sorriso Technologies Inc.® is the leading provider of online software for bill presentation, bill payment, self-service, and bill-centered marketing. Our Persona Solution Suite™ targets billers with on-demand (SaaS) and...
Persona E-Billing for Oracle Persona for Oracle E-Billing brings the flexibility and power of a Persona user experience to Oracle’s E-Billing product customers. Sorriso is Oracle’s...
Persona Enterprise The Persona Enterprise Edition is ideally suited to businesses that are already managing a large in-house web estate, or where the solution they envision is...
Tele-Tech Services  Since our inception in 1975, Tele-Tech has recognized that our clients rely on us to deliver up-to-date, dependable data. Because being a world-class service organization is our predominant goal, we go to great lengths to...
The Connection  US Based, Outsourced Call Center Service Provider, Inbound Calls, Email Response & Live Web Chat: Customer Service, Support & Sales
Transverse  Transverse provides award-winning online recurring billing, payment and business intelligence solutions for telecom, SaaS, usage-based and subscription businesses through its TRACT Saas-based billing platform.
blee(p) The business logic execution environment and platform, or blee(p), is an end-to-end billing solution that manages the entire lifecycle of any subscription,...
blee(p) CRM blee(p)'s award-winning Customer Management solution helps companies in all industries and of all sizes deliver high quality and efficient customer support...
txtNation  txtNation is an Award-Winning Tier One SMS Aggregator. txtNation are an SMS Gateway and provider of leading Mobile Billing and Mobile Messaging. From Premium SMS, Bulk SMS Messaging, Short-Code services to Direct Operator...
Control Panel 5.1 txtNation Control Panel 5.1 is an exceptionally powerful tool for the billing and delivery of rich content and services. Via a streamlined, accessible...
Direct Operator Billing Direct Operator Billing also known as Direct Carrier Billing (DCB) allows billing direct on your mobile phone. Purchases made using direct carrier billing...
UDP  UDP provides customer-driven solutions to Communications Service Providers, applying core competencies in customer care, billing, provisioning, accounting, and database design and management.
Vcare Technology  Vcare Technology is an international call center outsourcing company. The enterprise strives to deliver groundbreaking solutions to companies in different industry verticals.
Telecom Billing & OSS Vcare Tec builds its complex telecom billing software and OSS system that is being used by some of the renowned telecom companies of the world. Vcare Tec is...
40 - 49 of 49
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Wireless Billing - Product Reviews

Making billing management systems secure
Valerie Coffey, Online Industry Editor

With online payments, the greatest risk to security is when either the seller or purchaser are not who they claim to be. The 3-D Secure protocol from Aptilo Networks installed in the WiFi mesh network of the Bahamas ties the financial authorization process to an online authentication mechanism based on a three-domain model, thus the name “3-D” Secure. Read more

Bad Piggy Bank in-app billing coming to Angry Birds

Valerie Coffey, Online Industry Editor

European mobile-payments provider Fortumo (Tartu, Estonia and Sunnyvale, CA ) has announced that its in-app payment platform Bad Piggy Bank will add support for offline payments via SMS text messaging. The in-game payment model for Rovio‘s Angry Birds game on Android lets users either remove the ad on the free version of the game or buy the upcoming Mighty Eagle update. Bad Piggy Bank works by charging in-app purchases to the user’s mobile phone bill. The user can pay with a single click without leaving the application… Read More

Google overhauls payment and refunds in Android Market app storefront
Valerie Coffey, Online Industry Editor

Google continues to overhaul its Android Market application storefront, introducing new features to improve merchandising and distribution as well as reducing consumers’ download refund window from 24 hours to 15 minutes. Writing on the Android Developers Blog, Android Developer Ecosystem manager Eric Chu explains that over the next two weeks, Google will roll out a new Android Market client for all devices running OS version 1.6 or higher, promising a streamlined browse-to-purchase experience… Read More

In-app billing facilitates the “impulse buy”—but does it keep the customer safe?

Valerie Coffey, Online Industry Editor

Demand for mobile applications soared in 2010, due to the wave of increased smartphone ownership. More smartphones mean more users are availing themselves of access to thousands of third-party apps, such as gaming, music, and movies. Each of those apps is a wireless billing problem in need of a solution. Enter in-app billing… Read More

Where the growth is: in-app billing growth estimated at 600% for 2011
Valerie Coffey, Online Industry Editor

Billing and analytics provider Bango (Cambridge, England and New York, NY) estimates that in-app revenues this year accounted for 5% of all mobile app revenues, a number that will grow to 30% in 2011. That’s 600% growth! I spoke with Andy Bovingdon, Bango’s vice president of product marketing, about in-app wireless billing and why Bango thinks it’s booming … Read More


Wireless Billing Research Library

Payforit - Mobile Billing evolved
Payforit - Mobile Billing evolved. txtNation provides the latest version of Payforit, Version 4 with the best in rates, payouts and support. What is Payforit? “ Payforit is a set of standards implemented by UK mobile txtNation provide version operators to develop a common framework for mobile 4 of the ever popular ” billing. mobile billing solution, Payforit. Payforit is the safest way to buy ...
JunglePay - Mobile Billing - Alternative Payments
JunglePay - Mobile Billing - Alternative Payments txtNation ® Global Reach, Personal Touch. “ Fact: In Europe, only half of online purchases are made using credit cards. 70% of online shoppers own a credit card, but only 36% of the online purchases are made using credit cards. Most online consumers prefer alternative payment types online. Alternative ” payment methods are a must for every ...
txtNation Gateway - Mobile Payments on the go.
txtNation Gateway - Mobile Payments on the go. txtNation ® Global Reach, Personal Touch. txtNation empowers organisations to charge for products and services via a user’s mobile phone. txtNation takes the unpredictability and complexity out of leveraging mobile billing solutions to end-users around the world, across “ countless networks. Compatible, cost-effective, and txtNation connects your ...
txtNation Gateway - How do we match up
txtNation Gateway - How do we match up txtNation ® Global Reach, Personal Touch. This document looks at the 13 questions that should be asked when selecting an SMS Gateway Provider, and how txtNation’s service offering meets these requirements. The questions are covered in the“SMS Provider Guide”created by DevelopersHome. helps programmers who wish to extend their knowledge ...
Payforit - How we Stack up!
Payforit - Mobile Billing. How we stack up! txtNation enables merchants to use Payforit, Version 4. Payforit converts multiple times better than credit cards. Our eye-popping conversion rates really aren’t all that surpris- ing when you consider the user experience. Using Payforit, all customers have to do enter in their mobile number! With credit cards, you have to ask the card number, the ...

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Bango Analytics- An Introduction Limited An overview to the Bango Analytics service.
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