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Fujian Fu Ship Investment Co., Ltd. ("Fu Bo Investment"), established in June 2015, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Fujian Shipbuilding Industry Group Co., Ltd. ("FUCHUAN GROUP") with registered capital of NT $ 800 million Bai Wushi million yuan, the company registered in China (Fujian) Free Trade Area of Fuzhou. Is a development of offshore wind power industry-based investment company.

As the third main business platform company of FuHua Group, FuJun Investment is closely following the advantage of ship main industry and the advanced technology of shipbuilding to engage in the research and development of offshore wind power equipment. With the rapid development of offshore wind energy industry, Manufacture, installation and operation and maintenance to actively expand and invest in offshore wind power related industries, and promote the coastal areas of Fujian and Southeast China offshore wind power industry chain development. In this case,

Business Scope:

Wind power generation and operation; wind power technology research, development, technical consulting and services; wind power project construction, operation, consulting and maintenance; wind power generation equipment, wind power generation equipment, wind power generation equipment, Maintenance, installation, commissioning, maintenance and so on.

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