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As small-to-medium sized businesses (SMBs) continue the trend of adopting IP telephony, the value proposition of Unified Communications (UC) becomes stronger and more self-evident. With UC, the cost savings from VoIP are really just the beginning, as SMBs experience the productivity gains that come from having an integrated platform that supports all modes of communications.

Achieving these results, however, requires making sound decisions about deploying UC within your existing network environment. Several viable options exist today both for basic VoIP as well as the more comprehensive flavors of UC, and your choice of deployment path will be just as important as the solution itself. This white paper evaluates the spectrum of choices for SMBs and provides guidance on what to consider in making these decisions.

Most decisions will be a choice between remaining with a premise-based solution, or adopting a cloud-based offering. The business case for each is analyzed herein, along with the middle- ground option, which is a hybrid of the two. All three options are valid, making UC an attractive solution for SMBs, regardless of their current situation.
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