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Call Center Digital Signage consists of the software to capture and publish the data, the hardware to display the Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) or Metrics and the data that is captured. The two mistakes that Call Center Managers make when setting up a Call Center Digital Signage Solution are: Selecting the KPI's and Metrics and how to display the KPI's and Metrics.

This month's newsletter will focus on how to display the KPI's and Metrics properly.

Too often Call Center Managers want to display too much data and they create screens that look great on their PC's but when viewed on an LCD screen is very difficult to read and loses its impact. The goals of having an LCD screen are to reduce call center operating costs and/or increase revenue. If an LCD screen is laid out wrong the value of the content is diminished. Once content is determined, it must be laid out in a fashion that is readable, has the greatest impact and takes the least amount of time to recognize the KPI in threshold.

Readability: A 1 inch (2.54cm) tall character is readable from 16ft (5M). Use characters and fonts that can be viewed by the group targeted.

Contrast: Colors that look great on PC screens do not always look good on the LCD screen. For example, neon blue next to black is difficult to read at a distance.
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