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With the rapid improvement in economic conditions in the Asia/Pacific region, companies are driving their internal organizations to capture as many opportunities as possible. CIOs, in response to this change, are tightening the alignment between IT strategy and line of business (LOB) requirements to ensure their company continues to lead in today's fast-changing marketplace. This has inevitably created a major challenge for CIOs who now have to find an optimal balance between supporting rapid business growth (and hence changes) and managing the (largely constrained) information communications and technology (ICT) budget. Most of today's ICT budgets, both IP VPN and cloud spend inclusive, were determined when the market was in the early stages of economic recovery and, hence, were set more conservatively than the rapid growth that LOB executives are expected to deliver in today's market climate.

This challenge has led to a growing interest in cloud computing technologies and services. Prior and during the 2009 economic crisis, organizations were very focused on datacenter consolidation and transformation as they centralized resources and applications to securely manage a distributed connected branch-office environment. The migration to a cloud model reinforces the need to ensure reliability, availability and security.

Whether a company is considering or deploying a private, public or hybrid cloud, the ability to dynamically scale secure capacity and resources with zero or limited capex and charged on the basis of usage is extremely attractive. To this end, the role of IP VPN is a key enabler of cloud. IP VPN has been viewed and deployed by many organizations as one network technology that favorably supports network scalability, promotes efficiencies and improves collaboration across a decentralized environment – common denominators to cloud computing services.
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