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This paper explores the use of collective intelligence with sophisticated intrusion prevention technologies, but is accomplished in a way that both technical and non-technical readers can appreciate. Although Sentinel IPS products are discussed openly, it is the security concepts themselves that have great value for the reader in understanding the defense of any network.

Sentinel IPS(ci)™ is the most affordable Intrusion Prevention System available, and the only one that has Network Cloaking™. Sentinel IPS™ utilizes Network Cloaking, a technology that makes your protected network invisible to malicious external traffic, while allowing complete and uninterrupted access for legitimate users. Sentinel IPS is everything you need for state-of-the-art Intrusion Prevention in one affordable, fixed monthly fee, including the appliance, our security management service, 24/7 monitoring, unlimited support, update services, upgrades, and enhancements, starting at only $299/month.

You have the right to be secure. We believe this right includes your network and that you have the right to operate your network free from the threat of intruders. The single focus of our company is protecting your right to be secure. It is why we are here. It is rooted in an understanding that if the bad guys harm you, they have also harmed me. Who we are, is that they not prevail. We will win this challenge, by working together and sharing our knowledge. Make a difference for others by sharing this information, and enroll them in the movement to be secure.

Collective Intelligence (CI) is not new. Similar ideas have been illuminated as far back as a concept of a „group mind‟ derived from Plato‟s concept of panpsychism (that mind or consciousness is omnipresent and exists in all matter). In the discussion that follows Wikipedia is utilized as a source of reference information regarding the definition and attributes of CI. Wikipedia material is identified by the emphasized text and is cited as follows:

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