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Competitive pressure, coupled with current economic conditions is causing companies to drive down costs and optimise performance in every department including sales. Traditionally, small and medium sized companies have recruited their own, in house, sales force or used third party distributors, VARS and resellers as routes to market.

In recent years, companies have started turning to a relatively new alternative – contracting out elements of their sales function, be that limited to a specific area such as Sales Management or Director where an interim resource is provided or perhaps just Telemarketing/Lead Generation through to full outsourcing.

Contract sales resourcers are specialist organisations who provide a highly focused and efficient sales function. They are often viewed as a bolt-on sales force, existing to generate revenue, increase profit and reduce the overheads associated with the employment cost of the sales function.

Contracting out is a well established trend with many organisations outsourcing functions such as helpdesk, HR or marketing. However, the sales department is often seen as a key business process that usually `owns' the relationships with the end client, so can this be contracted out?

Organisations considering outsourcing their sales to any degree need to weigh up and understand the risks and how to avoid them. They should calculate the total cost of ownership and return on investment of comparative options, and finally, ensure that the sales solution is tailored to their detailed business requirements.
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