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Broucher-Tsunami 8100/8200 Series
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The Tsunami® 8100/8200 Series delivers high performance (throughput in excess of 4G requirement) along with excellent channel capacity, incredible spectrum flexibility and a prioritization platform for delivering voice, video and data applica- tions, while providing Non-Line-Of-Sight functionality.

By combining Proxim’s proprietary Wireless Outdoor Routing Protocol (WORP), cutting edge technology of OFDM and (MIMO) Multiple Input Multiple Output radio innovations the Tsunami® series is an ideal choice for enterprises and offers a secure, scalable and cost-effective solution for organizations of all kind: ISP’s, carriers, businesses, medical facilities spreading over multiple campuses in various geographical locations with requirements ranging from last mile Broadband Wireless Access (BWA) to wireless video surveillance and more.

World Class Performance With 300 Mbps Plus data rates, Tsunami® Series delivers wireless perfor- mance in excess of 4G products on the market today

Carrier Grade Advanced Security Advanced AES encryption for military-grade over-the-air communications, and radio mutual authentication to eliminate rogue units/man-in- the-middle attacks
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