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Broadband Wireless Backhaul: Systems, Trends, Applications & Solutions
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Traditionally, backhaul networks have been acquainted with Ethernet cables, fiber, copper wires and other means of limited and expensive cabled infrastructures. Today the increased demand for high-bandwidth, data-intensive services with guaranteed Quality of Services (QoS) and the exponential growth in consumer devices are posing a real challenge to TELCOs and Service Providers. This confined technological state and a rapidly emerging need to upgrade the existing backhaul networks at a constant rate is concerning Service Providers, as upgrading wired backhaul systems requires large recurring investments and high operational costs.

Accelerated bandwidth requirements and the huge upgrade costs for leased lines have paved the way for the emergence of wireless backhaul systems as a primary alternative for reliable backhaul. With bandwidth capabilities exceeding 1.25 Gbps, wireline-like efficiency in terms of QoS, and above all an incredibly low CAPEX and OPEX – wireless backhaul has clearly emerged as a lucrative choice compared to any other backhaul service on the block.
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