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Patton Whitepaper:  VoIP - Addressing QoS Beyond the Provider Network
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VoIP Addressing QoS Beyond the Provider Network

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This White Paper explores the issue of voice quality in VoIP networking and current status of QoS technologies and implementations in today's IP networks. We discuss the QoS mechanisms SmartNode™ employs to ensure the best-possible voice quality over the network-access link.

Today's Internet does far more then email and file transfers. Initially designed for non-real-time (NRT) data applications, the Internet has matured far beyond these tasks. In addition to web browsing, online imaging, and chat rooms, we now expect the Internet to deliver such real-time (RT) media as streaming music, video, and Internet phone calls directly to our homes and offices.

Presently, Voice-over-Internet Protocol (VoIP) is all the buzz, but it's more than just talk. VoIP technology has matured. Not only is it the latest hot new Internet application. Today, VoIP has emerged as a reliable technology that is commercially viable, competing (and winning) against traditional phone services in business and consumer-class markets.
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