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The larger the project, the more difficult it is to determine mid-project profitability.

As businesses grow, the size and complexity of their projects tends to increase as well. One of the challenges becomes staying on top of mid-project profitability as the combination of services, equipment and post sales support become more complex. With this increased complexity, especially for multi-phase oriented projects, project managers and senior management often: • Don’t know if the projects are losing money until after they close, • Are unaware of unnecessary margin reductions, • Scramble to keep on top of scope creep or missed change orders, and • Find themselves dealing with customer invoice disputes.

Close the Gap To take the first step towards closing the gap between sales, project delivery, post sales support and equipment management, and in order to improve mid-project profitability and reduce project risk, you need to fully assess the current state of your mid-project profitability.

INSTRUCTIONS: Review the following Mid-Project Profitability Scorecard to determine where you currently experience gaps which are preventing you from maximizing mid-project profitability. Check the box that best applies to your current situation. Sales Strongly Somewhat Neutral Somewhat Strongly Disagree Disagree Agree Agree

My sales team can cycle project delivery lessons learned back into the quoting process to ensure that project areas are not being consistently under quoted.
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