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If your organization is forward-thinking, you already recognize the strategic importance of effective communication to internal, as well as external, constituencies. Informing, alerting, messaging, and training are all critical to building a skilled, ready, and competitive organization that's prepared to proactively pursue new opportunities and react quickly to changing business conditions.

You've already invested in creating and producing content to communicate with these constituencies including executive messaging to employees, sales collateral in support of a new product launch, elearning programs to train customer support personnel, compliance-mandated certification programs, and all kinds of communications to customers, partners, suppliers, and investors. And you are probably increasingly investing in video and other types of rich media to give your communications more impact and make them more compelling to ensure that your viewers absorb and retain the information.

IDC believes that the end-to-end process of corporate communications from content creation through delivery is a key core competency for today's forward- thinking organization. The content that you're investing in creating is an integral part of the business process it supports whether it's launching a new product, creating a new service, ensuring compliance with industry- or government-mandated regulations, or providing customer care. The targeted, secure, and reliable delivery of that content is a critical part of the process.
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