Measuring the True Experience of the Contact Center Agent - Sponsored Whitepaper

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Contact centers are a cri0cal customerfacing
opera0on in most enterprises.
Organiza0ons recognize that the contact
center is an important tool for retaining
exis0ng customers and winning new
ones. To ensure the quality of the
customer experience, businesses have
looked to many different solu0ons to
measure and monitor the customer

Measuring how the customer interacts
with the contact center systems and
applica0ons is important but is only part
of the true experience in the contact
center. In order to get a complete picture
of the customer experience, you need to
validate a contact from the agent’s point
of view as well. In other words, you need
to look at the experience from end-to-end.

This whitepaper discusses the importance
of end-to-end tes0ng and monitoring in
understanding the true customer
experience and ensuring the agent
experience, how end-to-end tes0ng can
be implemented, and how it can help
op0mize the performance of your contact
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