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Capitalize on the MVNO Opportunity
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As the mobile industry continues to mature, service providers recognize that future growth will depend on the pursuit of new markets that moves them beyond reliance on the direct acquisition of new subscribers. The Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) model has for some time been such an opportunity. Powerful market forces and global deregulation are driving the continued development of the MVNO model. Chief among these forces are:

• Customer demand for low cost mobile services

• The desire of nationally-recognized companies to leverage their brands to enter the mobile arena

• The ability of these enterprises to offer niche-specific services through proven, cost-effective marketing channels.

The MVNO business model presents a strong potential win-win scenario for both traditional Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) and potential MVNOs, each of which can leverage their core strengths to fuel new revenue in this market. However, prospective MVNOs—and their MNO partners—must address and resolve unique challenges in order to succeed and strategic plans needs to cover: business case development, business architecture design, and a road map for moving the business into operation.
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