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Wireless cell phone coverage in general, and In-Building Wireless Solutions (IBWS) specifically, have consistently grown over the past 20 years. What was once available only for high value
executives is now indispensable for all. Technological changes have provided the platform for an unlimited number of wireless services available anytime, anywhere… as long as there is
coverage. The wide-spread use of cell phones throughout every strata of society has made the mantra of “indoor coverage everywhere” a universal goal, from the high-rise office building and
bustling manufacturing center to the local mall and big box store, from the apartment complex and hospital to the single family home. As subscriber penetration moves beyond 100%,
expectation and real economics demand coverage everywhere. This need is juxtaposed with traditional ROI constraints as well as access and ownership issues, but perhaps the most difficult impediment of all is the mystique in planning such a system.
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