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Enhancing and Extending Microsoft SharePoint 2013 for Secure Mobile Access and Email Management

SharePoint 2013 is the latest release of Microsoft’s leading business collaboration platform, offering exciting new features for social networking, cloud integration, content management, and collaboration.

Since its introduction, SharePoint has delivered valuable out-of-the-box functionality, and then relied on partners and customers to extend or customize SharePoint to meet specific needs, such as business processes, records management, industry vertical support, and compliance.

The 2012 AIIM white paper, “The SharePoint Puzzle—adding the missing pieces” highlights the continued need for 3rd-party tools, stating, “SharePoint will continue to dominate … with its position and strength being enhanced by the growing appreciation of it as a platform, not an application.

“As organizations understand that SharePoint operates best in this underlying platform mode, providing baseline collaboration, ECM and portal facilities, the adoption and implementation of third party add-ons will blossom, to enhance capabilities specific to particular business needs.”
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