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“BullsEye Telecom® has not only promised it could deliver, it delivered over 1,000 stores in less time than required. The company truly exceeded our expectation, enabling us to prove to our upper management that we had made the right choice in selecting a partner who could provide seamless nationwide telecommunications.”

Fortune 500 Retail Organizations Leverage Reliable and Secure Communications Networks from BullsEye Telecom®

Fortune 500 retail organizations require all classes of data to be transmitted in real time from thousands of retail store locations nationwide. No matter how well-managed the corporate network is, each and every retail location operates as an individual business that depends upon a unied network to keep it competitive.

The consolidation of individual store data creates business intelligence that helps the corporate ofce quickly adjust to seasonal demands and market conditions, while optimizing strategic store openings and inventory distribution.

Connecting thousands of retail locations to the corporate ofce requires a reliable and secure nationwide communications network.
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