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When Black Box told Reuters that we could manage their migration to a new PRISM Industry: News Syndicate system without shutting down their live information service, it was great news!

Reuters Project: Relocating a PRISM at the client's global network control center Major Challenge: Maintaining live service during the project

The world relies on Reuters for continuous, up-to-the-minute global news and information. Black Box works in partnership with Reuters at the Reuters' technical center in London, which houses its global network control center. Black Box helps maintain the center and ensures the flow of information is never interrupted. Recently, Black Box completed a high-profile project for Reuters. The work involved relocating a Programmable Reuters Interface Switching Module (PRISM) at the global network control center. (A PRISM is an analog video switch used by Reuters to

access its systems and services, and by its customers to switch between Reuters products, such as news feeds and stock market information.) In order to maintain live service, it was necessary to prebuild a new PRISM system encompassing 56 computer cabinets. This allowed the migration to take place in several complex stages. During the project, Black Box had to redesign and manufacture several adapters. These custom components were given specific Reuters part numbers and then incorporated into the PRISM documentation. This will greatly improve the efficiency of any future PRISM projects.

“The global network control center PRISM relocation project was considered to be a high-profile success story for Reuters. Black Box Network Services worked closely with the Reuters System and Network Support team to ensure a first-class system build and migration. Well done, Black Box!” Paul Whiteing, Team Leader, Reuters System and Network Support Group
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