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The Array Business Continuity (ABC) Peak Use Flex Plan provides burst remote access capacity with zero service interruption to maintain compliance and user productivity during unforeseen circumstances. Available for AccessDirect and DesktopDirect, the Peak Use Flex Plan o ers protection against local and global circumstances beyond IT's control, seamlessly scaling to accept any number of new or existing secure remote access users without administrator intervention.

Events such as hurricanes, snow days, transit disruptions and the threat of global terror or pandemics make the world and the work environment increasingly unpredictable. More than ever, organizations require solutions that keep their employees up and running in the face of unanticipated events.

An Array SPX Series Universal Access Control- ler combined with Access Direct or DesktopDi- rect and a Peak Use Flex Plan serve as the ideal end-user access component of a complete business continuity plan (BCP).

A browser-based architecture means workers can access critical resources anytime, anywhere. It also means the IT department is not saddled with costly and burdensome administrative tasks before or during unantici- pated events.

While SSL VPN remote access is a compelling compliance and business continuity solution, most competing products are priced and designed only to support day-to-day remote access. Only Array has the capacity to support an entire workforce on a single system and maintain a premium experience for each user.
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