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DesktopDirect™ enables o ce workers to seamlessly access their desktop PCs from any location, as if they were sitting in the o ce. Via standard web browser, any computer becomes a terminal to remotely view and control the employee's desktop PC at the o ce. DesktopDirect's architecture uniquely leverages proven, scalable, secure technologies to deliver the industry's only comprehensive, enterprise-class remote desktop access solution.

Remote access is no longer a luxury for anyone - in order for an organization to stay competitive, every single PC user needs a way to work remotely. However, traditional VPNs only serve the mobile workforce (road warriors and home o ce users). Until now, there has been no easy and cost-e ective way to get the non-mobile workforce (o ce-situated users) productive from any location, without compromising security or productivity.

With DesktopDirect, you don't need to add non-mobile employees to the VPN user base, or to issue additional laptops. Non-mobile workers get a full view into o ce-situated desktop PCs, from any Microsoft Windows-based device, resulting in immediate productivity.

DesktopDirect's architecture utilizes strong encryption, AAA policies, data leakage protection, and provides administrators with centralized real-time control. AAA data is kept deep inside the trusted network without exposure to the public Internet; potential new attack footholds that could result from 3rd-party managed services are never an issue; and administrative control over user activity to printers, drives, smart cards, ports, and clipboards eliminate data leakage concerns.

DesktopDirect's power management capabilities deliver the industry's only rst energy-e cient remote desktop control solution that allows for desktop computers to be shut down when not in use, saving the average mid-sized company nearly $200,000 annually in energy costs, and reducing that company's overall environmental impact by nearly 1,400 tons of atmospheric CO 2 emissions.
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