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Ascendance Wireless, LLC  Ascendance specializes in the System and Network Design, Manufacturing, and Deployment of Wireless Products and Services.
SecureLINX SECURELINX™ is a high-performance, high‐power outdoor and indoor wireless Network Infrastructure family of products. They are available as...
Atlantic Communication Products  Atlantic Communication Products, Inc. is a twelve year old global telecommunications solution provider headquartered out of Charlotte, NC, with remote offices in Miami and New York. We offer a wide range of VOIP, WAN/LAN,...
Adtran Tracer Series The TRACER Series is a family of point-to-point license-free wireless solutions that reduce monthly wireline expenditures and facilitate connectivity where...
ATT  AT&T is bringing it all together for our customers, from revolutionary smartphones to next-generation TV services and sophisticated solutions for multi-national businesses. For more than a century, we have consistently...
Wireless Services AT&T offers a wide variety of wireless service solutions.
AvaLAN Wireless  Founded in 2004, AvaLAN Wireless ("AvaLAN") is an industry leading developer and manufacturer of long range industrial wireless radio technology. AvaLAN's products are designed to enable affordable wireless connections...
Aviat Networks  Aviat Networks is a leading global provider of microwave networking solutions, providing public and private operators with communications networks capable of handling the exploding growth of IP-centric, multi-Gigabit data...
E-Link 1000EXR Aviat Networks newest point-to-point wireless link, the E-Link 1000EXR, is a cost effective fiber alternative for wireless networks. The 1000EXR is a...
Axis Communications  Axis increases the value of network solutions. The company is an innovative market leader in network video and print servers. Axis` products and solutions are focused on applications such as security surveillance, remote...
AXIS 206W WIRELESS NETWORK CAMERA The AXIS 206W Wireless Network Camera is so small, you can place it in virtually any indoor location. The built-in Wi-Fi 802.11b wireless connection also...
AXIS 213 PTZ NETWORK CAMERA The AXIS 213 PTZ Network Camera enables advanced remote monitoring with pan, tilt and zoom control over IP networks. It features a powerful 26x optical...
BridgeWave Communications  BridgeWave Communications is the leading supplier of high capacity 4G backhaul and gigabit wireless connectivity solutions.
4G Mobile Backhaul Today's mobile backhaul is comprised of copper-based T1/E1 circuits, microwave links and a small portion of fiber. As 4G capabilities are added to today's...
60 GHz Gigabit Ethernet BridgeWave 60 GHz wireless Ethernet bridges provide wireless gigabit performance with robust wireless network security features. BridgeWave wireless bridges...
Brightroam provides: International SIM Cards, World SIMs, In-Country SIMs and Data SIMs for business and leisure travelers.
Buffalo Technology (USA), Inc.  Buffalo Technology (USA), Inc. is a leading global provider of award-winning networking, storage, multimedia and memory solutions for the home and small business environments as well as for system builders and...
AirStation™ HighPower N450 Gigabit Wireless Router - WZR-HP-G450H The AirStation HighPower N450 Gigabit Wireless Router is a versatile Internet and network solution for the home and small office environment. Featuring...
AirStation™ HighPower N600 Gigabit Dual Band Wireless Router - WZR-HP-AG300H The AirStation HighPower N600 Gigabit Dual Band Wireless N Router is a versatile dual band solution. With simultaneous wireless operation on both 2.4 GHz...
BullsEye Telecom, Inc.  BullsEye Telecom is a single-source telecom provider offering VoIP Service Provider, Convergent Billing, Intrusion Detection Systems, Wireless Billing, Firewall, Wireless Network Services, Unified Messaging, IP VPN,...
Fixed Wireless Built-in Redundancy with Fixed Wireless
Wireless Failover Backup When You Need It Most
Celcite  Celcite is a leader in mobile optimization, wireless network engineering, and network performance monitoring. Our tools and software are head of the class, and we recruit only the best engineers.
Celergy Networks, Inc  Celergy provides enterprise communication services specializing in design, engineering, installation and support of voice, data, video and converged network solutions nationwide.
Celergy's Nationwide Telecommunications Installation Contractors Celergy maintains an exclusive network of contractors who have proven themselves to be leaders in the field of telecommunications, network infrastructure...
Wireless / WiFi Network Installation The wireless networking market is growing rapidly as businesses discover the productivity benefits of going wire-free. The increased mobility that WiFi...
CELLULAR SPECIALTIES INC.  Cellular Specialties, Inc’s (CSI) Custom Solutions Group (CSG) has implemented solutions in facilities such as hospitals, arenas, universities and office buildings. For more information, visit
RF Design RF Design Services
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Wireless Network Services - Product Reviews

Carriers are mitigating “cell-phone bill shock”—and keeping customers
Valerie Coffey, Online Industry Editor

The overages most people have accrued for going over their minutes or texting too much pale in comparison to the amount seen by Yahaya Wahad in Mayalsia. When he opened his recently deceased father’s cell phone bill (an account that had paid in full and closed), the charges were a world record $218 trillion. The notice stated he had ten days to pay up or face legal action! Telekom Malaysia admitted a billing error and settled the matter. (Read more about massive cell-phone and data charges here).

These are just the kind of mistakes that convergent billing providers want to prevent. Wireless carriers are starting to get a handle on how to manage out-of-sight overages or billing errors that cause “cell-phone bill shock.” … Read More

California law firm investigating class-action suit against T-Mobile for its 4G claims

Valerie Coffey, Online Industry Editor

The law firm of Gallo & Associates (San Rafael, CA) is investigating whether T-Mobile‘s practice of marketing its HSPA+ network as a 4G network is false advertising under California law.

According to industry analyst Alan Reiter in the ietv video channel Reiter’s Block, “It’s one thing to market ’4G speeds,’ but claiming to be ‘America’s largest 4G network’ is as if saying Chevrolet’s Camero with a V6 engine was faster than other automobile manufacturer’s V8 engines… Read More

Want 4G? Too bad. We only have “FauxG.”
Valerie Coffey, Online Industry Editor

In yesterday’s blog, we posed the question of whether carriers like Verizon, Clearwire, Sprint, and T-Mobile will continue their claims of “4G” networks and “4G” service, in spite of the fact that the International Telecommunications Union (ITU), a standards body, ratified only the LTE-Advanced standard as 4G technology last week. Another network standard, WirelessMAN-Advanced ( the next-gen WiMAX, or IEEE 802.16m) was also given the 4G blessing. Neither of these 4G technologies are yet available from a global telecom company, nor are they even close to deployment… Read More

Want 4G? 4geddaboudit!
Valerie Coffey, Online Industry Editor

Final ratification of the 4G standards took place at the ITU’s Radiocommunication Sector (ITU-R) Study Group meeting on November 22 and 23 in Geneva, Switzerland. The ITU also voted that WirelessMAN-Advanced, a key part to WiMAX IEEE 802.16m standard (next-generation WiMAX), satisfies the 4G criteria.

Unfortunately, these technologies are not what most of the major carriers are calling 4G. The ITU recently said that all US wireless networks being called 4G today aren’t really 4G. The ITU reserves “true 4G” for networks that achieve speeds of 100 Mbps, or roughly ten times the performance offered by any carrier in the US today… Read More

Wireless backhaul system replaces fiber-optics in St. Thomas broadband network
Valerie Coffey, Online Industry Editor

DragonWave (Ottawa, Ontario), a provider of packet microwave radio systems for next-generation IP networks, announced on Nov. 8 that Choice Communications, LLC (St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands; USVI) chose them as the provider of a high-capacity, next-generation wireless backhaul system for its converged mobile-services network in the USVI. The system, launched in November, is part of the first 4G mobile-broadband network in the USVI… Read More

Dropped calls at home? Enter femtocells.
Valerie Coffey, Online Industry Editor

Does your cell phone signal cut out just as you enter your home? A femtocell may be the answer.

A new report from Strategy Analytics (Newton, MA) and its RF & Wireless Component market research service estimates that shipments of femtocells, a signal-booster for improved cellular coverage, are on track to reach almost two million units this year… Read More

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Wireless GPS Tracking & Security Monitoring
KORE Telematics
Current Homeland Security's Transportation Security Administration mandates that all trains carrying chemicals capable of creating a toxic inhalation condition are equipped with on-board safety monitoring systems. Find out how Lat-Lon's GPS tracking, monitoring and image capture solution can increase security and safety while reducing risk while falling in line with TSA's compliance regulations.
Benchmarking Performance Mapping the road to success
Telmar Network Technology
This paper examines how benchmarking can impact network performance and ultimately revenue production in the Russia & Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) telecommunications market. Since the 1980s, the Russia & Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) region has undergone significant growth and change in the telecommunications sector. Most notably, during the last decade, Russia and most of ...
New Cisco IP Data Network Helps KORE Telematics
KORE Telematics
In response to rapid growth and the desire to achieve five nines of service delivery In response to rapid growth and the reliability, machine-to-machine telemetry market leader KORE Telematics decided to rebuild its IP data network. Using Cisco technology, Compugen helped KORE architect, build and launch a high-availability, geo-redundant, Internet-based network that is delivering dramatic ...
The Many Cases For Wireless Broadband
Supporting REMOTE, NEW, and TEMPORARY LOCATIONS, ensuring fully redundant BROADBAND How does wireless broadband facilitate growth by enabling new locations? Why is wireless the go-to connectivity choice when T1, DSL, and cable aren't options? How does wireless deliver more- than-sufficient WAN bandwidth for mission-critical retail applications? What's the advantage of a single connectivity ...
World Class, Reliable Wireless Remote Monitoring
KORE Telematics
Delivering a real-time, reliable wireless monitoring solution while reducing the expenses associated with using traditional, landline auto-dialers to mitigate risk to wastewater management companies.

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What Does AvaLAN Do? AvaLAN Wireless Find out how AvaLAN is solving everyday problems.
KORE M2M Networks and Technologies in Remote Moniitoring KORE Telematics Director of Marketing Stein Soelberg discusses M2M networks and technologies in remote monitoring - the ability of enterprise organizations to remotely ...
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