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iCore Networks, Inc.  iCore Networks is an award-winning technology leader in cloud computing, Applications on Demand, and one of the original providers of cloud-based hosted application services.
Hosted VoPI Overview VoIP, iCore’s VoPI solution uses its own private, point-to-point circuits to carry its customers voice and data. The advantages of using VoPI rather than...
Hosted VoPI Solutions - Cisco Phones he iCore Web Portal is a web-based tool that allows telephones and computers to work together. The result: phones do more, computers do more, and your...
Telmar Network Technology  Telmar provides multi-vendor repair, spare parts management, reverse logistics, technical network support, plus Extended Life and certified pre-owned refurbished telecom products to telecom OEMs, network service providers...
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VoIP Service Review  The best voip service providers review.
Providers Skype, Vonage, Phone Power, etc..
VoIP USA, Inc.  VUI is one of leading wholesale communications companies in US. With transport and billing and collection services expanding to 24 states across US, we have a comprehensive network of carrier customers. At VUI, we pledge...
A-Z Termination The communication technology is advancing and capturing new frontiers. When it is telecom, VUI is always innovating to be in the top. As the part of its...
TouchTone Communications  TouchTone provides nationwide business VoIP phone service, business phone systems, enterprise SIP, call center/short duration, conference call, MPLS, and Ethernet solutions.
Business VoIP Phone Service provides a complete business phone system including unlimited calling, fax, conferencing and full-featured VoIP phones. Plans start at only $14.99/month.
Call Center/Short Duration Voice Termination High quality long distance service to companies and outbound call centers with dialer and short duration needs, specifically those using predictive dialers,...
Switch2Voip Call Center VoIP Provider  Switch2Voip is a Call Center VoIP and Toll Free provider with prices under 1 cent per minute, USA 0.008, UK 0.008, Canada 0.005, every VoIP account is entitled to a Free USA or Canada Virtual Phone Number with no monthly...
Voip For Call Centers Call Center VoIP Provider. Get advantage of international low rates calling to USA, UK and Canada under 1 cent per minute
VoIP Innovations  Wholesale VoIP provider, interconnected with the industry's top telecommunications carriers. Providing high quality and low cost VoIP services to ITSPs and resellers through our unique back office, Titanium III.
Modulis Enterprise VoIP Solutions  Modulis' IP PBX VoIP Asterisk bastelephone solution has been chosen by over 100 businesses including accounting firms, mines and enterprises looking for Unified communications, call centre features, follow me, training,...
VoIP VoIP, consumer division of Kosmaz Technologies LLC is a pioneer broadband Internet telephony service provider. Through the utilization of their own network infrastructure, Kosmaz provides VoIP solutions for...
SIP Trunk Service VoIPVoIP SIP trunk service enables customers to make calls from 1.9 cents/minute with no volume commitments, no monthly fees, no channel restrictions, with...
SIP Trunking for IP-PBX If you already have an IP- PBX system in your office, take advantage of VoIPVoIP SIP Trunking service to connect your IP PBX to the world and start saving...
BullsEye Telecom, Inc.  BullsEye Telecom is a single-source telecom provider offering VoIP Service Provider, Convergent Billing, Intrusion Detection Systems, Wireless Billing, Firewall, Wireless Network Services, Unified Messaging, IP VPN,...
EtherAdvantage High-Performance Ethernet that Won’t Crash Your Budget - EtherAdvantage
Hosted Auto-Attendant Professional Receptionist Without the Overhead
VoIP Integration  At VoIP integration we focus on the design, implementation and development of Unified Communications solutions and software tools to make installing and managing Cisco Unified Communications systems easier. We are not...
VoIP Software Programming and Development Services Our skills in deploying Cisco Unified Communications along with our in-house software developers and programming knowledge give you the advantage when you...
Broadvoice  BroadVoice is the leading provider of high quality, feature-rich broadband phone services to consumers and businesses. BroadVoice VoIP phone service allows thousands of customers in the United States and more than 120...
BroadVoice™ Internet Phone Service Use your wifi (802.11b/g) wireless network and a high-speed Internet connection, or one of the millions of Wireless hot spots around the world, to make and...
Freedom IQ  Led by CEO Eric Thomas, FreedomVOICE Systems strives to provide businesses with the tools and cutting-edge features that will enhance their professional image, improve their connectivity with customers and associates, and...
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Goodbye cell phones? Telecoms brace for impact as joint VoIP and WiMax ventures get serious.

Imagine wireless smartphone services costing a few bucks a month. It's coming. VoIP is going WiMax, and telecoms are bracing for possible revenue reductions as a result. The reason is simple: packet-switched VoIP networks offer much more than circuit-switched cell phone networks, and the cost savings are dramatic -- just look what VoIP has done to circuit-switched landlines.

Wireless VoIP or WVoIP can be used over WiFi, EVDO Revision-A, HSDPA, and WiMAX, plus callers aren't limited to a single phone; they can also utilize a headset, laptop, PDA, or a mobile-WiFi phone to make their calls. Although the technology for wireless VoIP has been around for some time, the problem with widespread use of the services has always been distance or coverage.  It also doesn't work well with WiFi networks because they were originally engineered for data and not voice packets. recently reported that “the world’s first mobile WiMAX IEEE 802.16e Wave 2-compliant chip solution” is at hand, and “D2 Technologies announced that it has joined with GCT Semiconductor…to deliver VoIP over WiMAX for mobile devices based on the Android™ and Linux operating systems.” And that’s just the beginning.

Best-in-Class Voice Over IP (VoIP) Solution Provider features:

  • Offers both fully functional VoIP phone system either hosted as with “Hosted VoIP” or as a standalone, “premise-based” phone system.
  • Capable integrating with other business functions like CRM or ERP platforms.
  • Offers auto-attendant, voicemail, voicemail-to-email or find-me-follow me capabilities.

Top Considerations before Buying from a Voice Over IP (VoIP) Solution Provider:
If you are going to use both VoIP and PSTN (Public-switched Telephone Network) service your phone system vendor needs to know this so that they can offer you the proper solution, most important of which are to take measures such as encrypting voice services, building redundancy into their VOIP networks, locking down their VOIP servers and performing regular security audits.

Key Providers:

1. Vocalocity, Inc. specializes in VoIP services to small businesses by providing hosted PBX voice over Internet protocol services and infrastructure applications as well as VocalocityPBX plans, add-on services, and phones, including VoIP features such as  a unified inbox for fax, email, and voicemail, call flip, voicemail transcription, and a dashboard interface. Founded in 2003, Vocalocity was acquired by ZivVa Holdings, LLC, in 2006. The combined companies, operating under the name Vocalocity, service both enterprise customers and OEM partners. By specializing in small businesses, Vocalocity claims, “it helps small businesses compete more effectively, by giving them the communication services traditionally reserved for larger organizations, at small business prices.”

2. Ingate Systems, Inc., located in Hollis, New Hampshire, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Ingate Systems AB of Stockholm, Sweden. The company develops firewall technology and products that enable Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) communications for the enterprise with control and security at the network edge. Ingate develops firewall technology that solves the NAT/firewall traversal issue with SIP. In addition to an extensive line of Ingate Firewall products, the company also produces the award-winning Ingate SIParator, a device that connects to an existing network firewall to enable SIP communications. The Ingate VoIP Survival software module, available for all Ingate Firewalls and SIParators Ingate, secures full redundancy in a SIP-based hosted environment

3. Incorporated in 1984, Patton Electronics designs, develops, and manufactures electronic communications equipment for business and carrier-class VoIP, network access, connectivity, and video surveillance equipment. Access to VoIP Providers, VoIP Services and integrated Triple-Play solutions are available from Patton and its VoIP Service Provider Partners. Patton's Voice-Over-IP Gateways, Routers and Triple-Play CPE devices are used by large and small Carriers around the world.   These world class Voice-Over-IP and Integrated Triple-Play services are available to Patton consumers and channels via Patton's Service Provider Partners. Patton offers product solutions for low-cost, high quality, pure-play or integrated internet, telephony and video solutions via partnerships with Service Providers and Carriers around the world.

4. Black Box Network Services from Black Box Corporation, founded in 1973, provides network infrastructure services for communication systems. The company offers design, installation, integration, monitoring, and maintenance of voice, data, and integrated communication systems, selling its products and services through catalog, Internet Web site, and voice and data services offices. Black Box Network Services has experience designing, installing, and maintaining complex voice and data networks, using wide range of portfolio platforms and applications from manufacturers to deliver VoIP solutions for organizations of all sizes and in all kinds of industries.

Voice over IP, or VoIP Solution Provider
Definition: Voice over IP, or VoIP, is the technology that is used to transmit voice traffic, such as telephone calls and faxes, over the internet. The voice is first converted into digital data which is then organized into small packets. These packets are stamped with the destination IP addresses and routed over the internet.


VOIP Service Provider Research Library

Enhancing the Competitiveness of Small to Medium Sized Enterprises
iCore Networks, Inc.
Find out how iCore Networks' VoIP solutions can improve productivity, enhance service quality and provide significant savings to your business. Through the use of such technology, small to medium sized companies can better position themselves to compete in the global market.
Benchmarking Performance Mapping the road to success
Telmar Network Technology
This paper examines how benchmarking can impact network performance and ultimately revenue production in the Russia & Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) telecommunications market. Since the 1980s, the Russia & Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) region has undergone significant growth and change in the telecommunications sector. Most notably, during the last decade, Russia and most of ...
Cloud VOIP Deployment
Crexendo Cloud VOIP Deployment White Paper 1. Cost Efficiency: Cloud VoIP versus Premise Solutions Building in-house platforms are expensive, with significant amounts of Capital Expense (CapEx) required to install the needed hardware and software in the core network to support Voice-over Internet Protocol (VoIP). In addition, there is significant cost associated with ongoing operations and ...
Self-Paced Migration to a VoIP Enterprise
Aastra USA
As enterprises continue to migrate to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), service providers are offering value-added voice services that will transform the way we use the broadband network. One such service is Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) trunking. SIP trunking is expected to grow at a rate of 58.4% over the next six years (Frost & Sullivan, 2006). The service will enable an enterprise to ...
DOUBLE your PROFIT from VoIP Network Operations
Double your Profits from VoIP Network Operations Double your profits from VoIP Network Operations? You need switches & routers to switch or route calls, billing systems, of course – these are the basic building blocks. But why should we spend money on tools & monitoring systems when Wireshark is free? “The Palladion product clearly is the most advanced monitoring product we’ve seen. We use it ...

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2N IP Helios SIP Door Phone with LCD and Video Camera- Test Calls ABP Technology
Work smarter, not harder with Business VoIP! TouchTone Communications As a small business owner, your customers are your most valuable asset. Without them, well, you wouldn’t have a business. So how do you keep your ...
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