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EverestMusic  Sound recording company in Moscow: audio production, sound post-production, Foley, sound effects, voice recording, dubbing, ADR
Audio Post-Production Audio post-production for feature films, TV series, TV shows, commercials and corporate videos.
Digidesign  Digidesign has been the industry leader in digital audio production, providing the professional music, broadcast, multimedia, and film industries with tools for audio creation, post production, collaboration, and...
Pro Tools Pro Tools: Pro Tools® 6.7 software has been developed specifically for inspired musicians who require world-class tools to support and accelerate the...
Trinity Audio Group  Trinity Audio Group specializes in the production and marketing of affordable, innovative field recorders and digital audio workstations.
Trinity Trinity is an ultra-portable, professional, digital recording studio or DAW (digital audio workstation) designed for the audio engineering and broadcast...
Blaze Audio  Blaze Audio is proud to offer our range of consumer audio software and hardware to the general public.
Sounding Audio  Being one of the most successful car audio manufacturers in Hong Kong, Sounding Audio Industrial is highly recognized for its outstanding quality and innovative products for the international markets.
Audio Precision  Located in Beaverton, Oregon, Audio Precision is the world's largest company dedicated purely to audio test and measurement. Our employees, most with many experience in the audio or test and measurement industries,...
Oz Audio  Oz Audio was formed 13 years ago in California. The two founders of the company had a goal of producing the best sound quality speakers on the planet. They decided to take home theater technology and apply it to the...
Mobile Audio  Mobile Audio is a privately held company that has been in operation since 1980 servicing car dealerships with auto electronics and installations. Our showroom has been open to the public since 1997. Each custom...
HeadRoom  You've come to the right place to shop for headphones, headphone amplifiers, DACs, and other personal audio products. We measure and review thousands of headphones from manufacturers like: Sennheiser, Sony, Koss, Etymotic...
HeadRoom Micro DAC Pry better sound out of your computer or other digital sources with this sweet little digital audio can opener.
HeadRoom Micro headphone amp Clean, clear, and a perfect partner for the music and your head.
Minnetonka Audio Software  Minnetonka Audio Software provides professional audio tools that are quickly learned and easily used.
Fast Edit Fast Edit: Fast Edit 4.0 supports 16-bit, 24-bit, and 32-bit audio up to 96 kHz.In a world where software manufacturers race to fill your screen with...
SurCode Dolby V-Plug SurCode Dolby V-Plug :Minnetonka Audio Software SurCode brand audio software encoders for Dolby® Digital, DTS® and MLP® lossless encoding.
Zapco Car Audio  In 1967, the concept of Zapco car audio was born. Robert Zeff, then the owner of Zeff Sound Reinforcement, had spent many long hours on the road touring with the likes of Tina Turner, Boz Scaggs, and Buddy Rich. These...
Audio Converter  Convert between Mp3, Wav, Wma, Ogg and Vqf formats.
Waves Audio  Waves is the world’s leading provider of audio signal processing tools for professionals. Its processors are used to improve sound quality in the creation of practically all of the world’s most popular music, movie...
MaxxPlayer MaxxPlayer is a plug-in for Windows Media Player.
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Audio Production Research Library

AudioCodes Document
This paper discusses the importance of measuring and monitoring the voice quality of VoIP calls traversing the data links into a corporate network. Data collected must be viewed in the context of the network topology, and should provide enough insight and detail to enable network engineering and troubleshooting. The Session Experience Manager from AudioCodes is introduced as a way to achieve this ...
Acrobat Connect Pro Audio Integration
Sterling Ledet & Associates.
ConnectSolutions LLC delivers QuickConnect™, an on‐demand platform for reliable, scalable, and secure managed services of Adobe® Acrobat® Connect™ Professional. QuickConnect was designed to maximize a customer's return‐on‐investment with Acrobat Connect Professional, by providing a complete solution for rapid deployment and management. The company was founded by former Acrobat Connect ...
HD VoIP Sounds Better - White Paper
For over 100 years, telephones have grown to become a primary means of communications in both our personal and business lives. Even with all the changes from analog to digital, wireline to mobile and eventually to Voice over IP, one thing has remained consistent – limited audio quality. Why do we have to sound like air traffic controllers when spelling out confirmation codes? “Papa, Alpha, ...
Top Ten Things You Should Know About SIP Trunking
SIP Trunking Top 10 Reasons to Choose AudioCodes SIP Trunking has drawn a lot of attention as an exciting new service offering that can reduce operating expenses for telephone services across a wide range of businesses. SIP Trunking promises to eliminate the cost of the expensive dedicated TDM trunking circuits that connect businesses to the public telephone network and dramatically reduce the ...
Everything You Wanted to Know About Blu-ray Audio
Tensilica Inc.
The Blu-ray disc format is mostly considered a visual medium. However, sound contributes substantially to the overall experience. Although Blu-ray discs look physically like DVDs, there are many differences including many differences in the audio. This white paper discusses those differences and the design issues surrounding the development of audio subsystems for Blu-ray disc players and related ...

Audio Production Video

AES 08: SONAR 8 - Audio for Video Cakewalk, Inc
Artist Impression: Wendy Starland on V-Studio 100 Cakewalk, Inc
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