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Ultra Low Noise Amplifiers
Skyworks Solutions, Inc.
Want to learn about the performance and characteristics of two new breakthrough, ultra low noise LNAs with best-in-class noise figure? Topics include techniques used in biasing and matching. A circuit description with information on thermal considerations is also addressed. Skyworks’ SKY67150-396LF and SKY67153-396LF are designed to cover a wide bandwidth, using two devices with design and ...
Ultra Low Noise Amplifiers for Infrastructure Receiver Applications
Skyworks Solutions, Inc.
Amplifiers used in wireless infrastructure receiver applications have the key requirements of low noise, high linearity, and unconditional stability. Learn about the new family of low noise amplifiers (LNAs) implemented in 0.5 μm enhancement mode (E-Mode) pHEMT.
We report the design and measured thermal and mechanical performance of an ultra-low-power physics package for a Chip-Scale Atomic Clock (CSAC). This physics package will enable communications and navigation systems that require a compact, low-power atomic frequency standard.
Ultra Secure Wireless Solutions For Security & Surveillance
Proxim Wireless
In today’s security landscape, security and surveillance is at the forefront for organizations worldwide. Governments, enterprises, financial institutions and healthcare organizations alike are all expected – and often required – to have a certain level of security measures in place to help monitor and protect against threats. As a result, there has been a dramatic increase in the demand for ...
Ultra-Low Noise Figure, High Gain Amplifier with High Linearity
Skyworks Solutions, Inc.
Read the different trade-offs, design options, and implementations of a sub 1 dB low NF (~ 0.6 dB), high gain (> 20 dB), and very high linearity (> +34 dBm) two-stage LNA. See why challenging requirements demand highest available technology performance. To obtain optimized performance with minimum trade-offs, unique design techniques and superior pHEMT process technology are used.

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Demonstration of Octasic's High Channel Density and Low Power Video Transcoding Solutions Octasic Inc.
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