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Spectral Metal Thin Film Coating

Bayville Chemical Supply, Inc.  Bayville Chemical Supply Company Inc. offers a wide range of ultra-pure, specialty and custom chemicals for the Research, Industrial and Production industries. Our products are currently in use in the Aerospace Industry,...

Spectral Metal Thin Film Coating Research Library

De-Mystifying Spectral Compatibility of Bonded Copper Systems -Why DMT is Superior to
Positron Access
This paper compares the spectral impact of symmetric DMT and SHDSL systems and provides clear evidence as to why DMT systems provide superior spectral compatibility, especially when they’re enhanced with MIMO on DMT functionality. It discusses the major technical reasons behind their differences and provides illustrative examples of why simplicity, performance and predictability are the fun- ...
Take Spectral Efficiency to a New Level
DragonWave Inc.
Learn what you need to evaluate next generation packet microwave solutions for their performance, scalability, reliability, and low total cost of ownership to adopt 4G access technologies. Due to their high performance and attractive economics, next generation microwave backhaul solutions are set to play an important role in future mobile networks.
Linear Polymer Dielectric Coating
Device Technologies
Examine the advantages of powder coating over conventional liquid coatings and how Device Technologies has developed a division that has multiple reel to reel polymer coating lines often running continuously, coating a variety of profiles from flat wire, strip metals, precision stampings and cable. Additionally, an optional coating can be made for bandolier mounted electronic components. While ...
WiMAX BTS White Paper
MTI Wireless Edge Ltd.
The concept of using multiple antenna elements and innovative signal processing to serve wireless communications systems more intelligently has existed for many years. In fact, varying degrees of relatively costly smart antenna systems have already been applied in defense systems. Until recent years, cost barriers have prevented their use in commercial systems. The advent of powerful low-cost ...
Tortoise: Dual Band Transmitter
Berkeley Varitronics Systems
Take a look at Berkeley Varitronics portable RF transmitters with ranges from 1mW to 45W, high spectral purity, frequency agility and are available in every industry frequency band. Wireless industry operators, installers and consultants on every continent are using Gators™, Lizards™, Crocodiles™ and Dragons™.

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BridgeWave Communications as showcased on the television show Technology Today. Filmed on-location at CTIA 2013 in Las Vegas. BridgeWave Communications BridgeWave Communications as showcased on the television show Technology Today. Filmed on-location at CTIA 2013 in Las Vegas. Featuring BridgeWave's ...
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