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Bayville Chemical Supply, Inc.  Bayville Chemical Supply Company Inc. offers a wide range of ultra-pure, specialty and custom chemicals for the Research, Industrial and Production industries. Our products are currently in use in the Aerospace Industry,...

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Metal Particles and Slivers on the Ferrules of Fiber Optic Connectors
Metal Particles and Slivers on the Ferrules of Fiber Optic Connectors Anatomy of Optical Connectors Communications equipment uses many types of fiber optic connectors. Manufacturers use zirconia, a very hard material, to make optical connector ferrules and fiber stubs that are utilized within some transceiver devices. The ferrule and stub encompass an optical fiber and hold the fiber securely in ...
Linear Polymer Dielectric Coating
Device Technologies
Examine the advantages of powder coating over conventional liquid coatings and how Device Technologies has developed a division that has multiple reel to reel polymer coating lines often running continuously, coating a variety of profiles from flat wire, strip metals, precision stampings and cable. Additionally, an optional coating can be made for bandolier mounted electronic components. While ...
Wire Abrasion Protection
Device Technologies
Steve O' Loughlin Device Technologies Engineering Wire Abrasion When wires and cable harnesses exit from sheet metal architecture, they are often routed over and through sheet metal panel edges. Over time, there is potential for abrasion and failure as the wire insulation comes into contact with the sharp metal edges and begins to chafe. The typical industry solution for reducing abrasion is to ...
Greater than 28% Triple-Junction Solar Cells
Emcore Corporation
Emcore Photovoltaics has been in volume production of high-efficiency multi-junction solar cells for spacecraft applications since 1999. Emcore's current heritage product is the advanced triple-junction (ATJ) n/p InGaP/InGaAs/Ge solar cell. The ATJ cell exhibits a beginning-of-life (BOL) minimum average conversion efficiency of 27.5%, under air-mass zero (AM0) illumination conditions, making it ...
Ruckus Wireless, Inc.
ADI Logistics Moves to Ruckus Smart WLAN Meshing to Increase Warehouse Efficiency ADI Logistics (ADI) had dabbled with Wi-Fi and found the experience less than exciting. Having sprinkled some consumer-grade access points wherever there was an Ethernet drop, ADI couldn’t get Wi-Fi signals where they needed them within their massive 185,000 square foot warehousing facility in Edison, New ...

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Alex Brisbourne President and COO of Kore Telematics KORE Telematics - Your emerging technology network. Mr. Brisbourne gives us a brief overview on Kore Telematics and what the company is doing at CTIA 2009.
20 Mile Wireless Microteck Video Surveillance AvaLAN Wireless 20 Mile Wireless Microteck Video Surveillance Powered by AvaLAN Wireless Systems
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