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Bayville Chemical Supply, Inc.  Bayville Chemical Supply Company Inc. offers a wide range of ultra-pure, specialty and custom chemicals for the Research, Industrial and Production industries. Our products are currently in use in the Aerospace Industry,...

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Proven Operational Benefits and Business Value of Optical Switched Networks
Sycamore Networks
Proven Operational Benefits and Business Value of Optically Switched Networks State-of-the-art optical networking intelligence is simplifying end-to- end service provisioning, enhancing bandwidth agility, and reducing operational costs in some of the world’s most innovative networks. This white paper uses real-world examples from large-scale optical mesh networks to illustrate the tangible ...
Interferometric metrology of passive optical devices
Fiberwork Optical Communications
To date, chromatic dispersion and time delay measurements have been mostly undertaken on optical fibers (broadband measurements) and mainly relied on the RF phase shift method [1]. Although moderate measurement accuracy can be achieved with this method, a trade-off between accuracy and wavelength resolution exists and imposes a severe limitation to narrowband device characterizations. On the ...
Linear Polymer Dielectric Coating
Device Technologies
Examine the advantages of powder coating over conventional liquid coatings and how Device Technologies has developed a division that has multiple reel to reel polymer coating lines often running continuously, coating a variety of profiles from flat wire, strip metals, precision stampings and cable. Additionally, an optional coating can be made for bandolier mounted electronic components. While ...
Desk-top VOA(Variable Optical Attenuator)
Shenzhen Golight Technology Co., Ltd
Desk-top VOA(Variable Optical Attenuator) VOA-D-M (Manual Adjust) VOA-D-E (Electrical Adjust) Manufacture and research of optical components Backlit LCD display Testing and maintenance of optical instruments High-resolution attenuation Teaching and experiment in optical communication Wide attenuation range High reliability 131=1310nm 155=1550nm 1315=1310&1550nm etc
Optical Dynamic Core Networks
Design, Implementation and Engineering Considerations Introduction Developments in optical component technologies, specifically the Reconfigurable Optical Add/Drop Multiplexer (ROADM) used for wavelength steering, have enabled more complex reconfigurable optical networks. Traditional Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing B (DWDM) networks, typically based on banded filter architectures, provide ...

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Net Optics appTap "How To" Basic Install DHCP Net Optics, Inc
Phantom HD™ - Bridging the Gap Between Physical and Virtual Networks Net Optics, Inc
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