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High Temp Metal Coatings

Bayville Chemical Supply, Inc.  Bayville Chemical Supply Company Inc. offers a wide range of ultra-pure, specialty and custom chemicals for the Research, Industrial and Production industries. Our products are currently in use in the Aerospace Industry,...

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Ultra-Low Noise Figure, High Gain Amplifier with High Linearity
Skyworks Solutions, Inc.
Read the different trade-offs, design options, and implementations of a sub 1 dB low NF (~ 0.6 dB), high gain (> 20 dB), and very high linearity (> +34 dBm) two-stage LNA. See why challenging requirements demand highest available technology performance. To obtain optimized performance with minimum trade-offs, unique design techniques and superior pHEMT process technology are used.
Maintaining High Performance in a Cloud
Platform Computing Corporation
Cloud computing has the potential to become a major tool for scientists and engineers to access high performance computing resources. In fact, it is becoming an important tool that enables efficient high performance computing while reducing the associated cost of building dedicated high performance computing systems. New developments are driving this evolution of computing resourses across many ...
Packaging Challenges in High Performance Computing
Tessera, Inc.
Over the past half century, the semiconductor industry has been at the forefront of technological progress as demonstrated by its own products and what they have made possible. The main areas of improvement include functionality per unit volume, speed of performance, power consumed per unit performance, cost per function, etc. The bulk of the credit goes to the miniaturization and integration at ...
Making High Availability Pay for Itself
Marathon Technologies
High availability solutions are no longer an all or nothing discussion about expensive, proprietary systems. Today there are wide range of affordable alternatives that provide the required level of availability at a cost justified by the risks of downtime. This report from Realtime Publishers, written by IT expert and author Ron Barrett, explains how to: * Align your business needs to ...
High availability
THE VIRTUAL ACCELERATOR AND HIGH AVAILABILITY Virtualized IT environments have become imminent in today’s Enterprise as a means for providing standardized management, hardware re-use improved ROI and cost reduction. Today’s virtualized environments via server clustering and resource pools can include applications and server consolidation projects and Virtualized Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) ...

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Comporium HIgh Speed Internet Comporium
GPHA Expands Medical Services for Staff and Patients Using High Performance Wi-Fi Technology XIRRUS Electronic Medical Record System and VOIP Gets Rolled Out to Dozens of Healthcare Facilities Using Xirrus Wi-Fi Arrays - Great Plains Health Alliance ...
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