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B-Stream  B-Stream SAS is a communications provider offering enhanced global leading Content Delivery Network (CDN) Services. The company provides value-add solutions (such as video hosting, long tail delivery for extended...
RadioactiveGiant  Content-centric development for IPTV, Internet-devices (TV, Game Consoles, STBs, Blu-ray, Mobile, Tablets) Content from major studios, record labels, gaming companies, digital studios and over 300 independent film...
DEVEO  Deveo is a Direct Marketing Agency specializing in the Telecom Industry: Lead Generation, Lead Nurturing, Contact Data acquisition and update, Email, Meeting Appointment, Trade show appointment setting, Webinar, Worldwide...

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Electronic Discovery - why lawyers are still searching for the answers
j2 Global Communications, Inc
Electronic Discovery – why lawyers are still searching for the answers… On December 1, 2006, amendments to the U.S. Federal Rules of Civil Procedure concerning the discovery of electronically stored information went into effect bringing federal courts into the digital age. The rules specify the requirements for electronic document discovery in civil cases, as recommended in September 2005 by the ...
Technology Business Research (TBR)
EMC had strong overall results despite loss of momentum in the enterprise market. Juniper reported revenue of just over $1.1 billion in 1Q11, representing 21% year-to-year growth and exceeding the company’s 4Q10 guidance of 16% to 20%. Unlike the previous quarter and somewhat unexpectedly, Juniper’s service provider business saw higher demand, generating 25% year-to-year growth ($742 million) ...
The Application Store Phenomenon
SurfKitchen's CTO, Dave Evans Looks at the Prospects for Mobile Operators, Handset Manufacturers and OS Vendors in The Rapidly Expanding Mobile Applications Market The iPhone and Apple's Application Store have fundamentally changed the game for the mobile industry. By combining an intuitive user interface with a world of clever, entertaining and useful applications, Apple created a compelling ...
Technology Business Research (TBR)
Apple TV is an unusual story for Apple - a product that does not sell well. Introduced in March 2007 and upgraded in January 2008, the Apple TV is still, according to Apple management, a “hobby,” not a “business.” The company reported a threefold increase in sales between 1Q08 and 1Q09 and committed itself to continued investment. See more on TBR's opinion on the direction of Apple TV.
The Mobile Application Store Ecosystem
SurfKitchen's CTO, Dave Evans reviews the latest phenomenon in the mobile Internet era; the Mobile Application Store The first generation of the mobile Internet started about 10 years ago, centred around providing mobile browsers and a particular protocol, WAP (Wireless Access Protocol), which quickly became shorthand for mobile Internet. In that era, mobile operators were firmly in the center ...

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Professional Hospital Supply Achieves Unmatched Wi-Fi Functionality Across Many Facilities XIRRUS With seven buildings spread throughout California, Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, and Utah, Xirrus was the obvious choice for Professional Hospital Supply as ...
Set Up Secure Wi Fi Hotspots with WatchGuard Wireless Appliances WatchGuard Technologies With a WatchGuard wireless appliance, it takes just minutes to set up a secure guest wireless hotspot. Learn how to provide customers and guests with full ...
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