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24online - Service Management Platform  24online a Service Management Platform, offering Data & VoIP Billing, Pre Paid & Post Paid Billing, Access Controllers, AAA Server, Captive Portal capabilities ISPs, Hotels and Hotspot Providers provisioning internet...
24online Comprehensive Solution for Small Medium ISPs 24online SMS series enable ISPs to start up with internet provisioning to their subscribers with the given offerings...
24online Hospitality Internet Access Controllers 24online HIA series enables Hotels and Hotspot providers to offer varied plans of internet provisioning to their guests and subscribers...
Acision  Acision is the world’s leading messaging company, providing communication solutions for over 300 network operators and service providers globally. We enable more than 300 customers to serve over 1.5 billion consumers in...
Advantage 360 Software, LLC  Welcome to Advantage 360 where we build, deliver and continually evolve forward-thinking carrier-grade billing, POS, CRM and operational support software that reaches beyond our customers to their customers and provides...
AOTMP  AOTMP, an information services company, is a leading authority on driving efficiency and performance into enterprise fixed and mobile telecom environments. For more information, visit
Aptilo Networks  Aptilo Networks is the global leader in integrated service management and access control solutions for billing, user services and access in WiMAX™ and Wi-Fi networks
Ar Software Inc.  Since 1984, ARIS has provided billing, customer care and POS software to nearly 200 customers world-wide. This considerable experience has guided us through every step of our on-going development process, and has...
OPTIMA It is a Convergent wireless, wireline, VoIP, ISP, CATV, Wi-Fi, paging, ESMR and advanced technologies billing.It includes near-real time rating,...
Aria Systems, Inc  Aria Systems, the subscription billing and management solution for all recurring revenue models.
Solutions for Telecommunications The telecommunications industry continues to evolve and is as competitive as ever.
Aricent Group  Aricent offers strategy consulting, design, licensable technology, software development, and integration and support services in multiple domains such as LTE, WiMAX, and OSS/BSS.
Billing Billing and its directly associated Operational Support Systems (OSS) functions form the strategic core of all service provider communications with... Limited  Bango is the leading provider of payment and analytics products for businesses targeting the fast growing market of internet enabled mobile phones. Bango’s unique technology and relationships with mobile operators,...
Bango Mobile Billing Collect payments from mobile websites or in-app using our Direct Billing API (no browser required) Bill customers on all phones including BlackBerry,...
Enterprise Services Bango powers the world's largest mobile businesses and brands. We tailor our award winning mobile solutions to meet your exact businesses...
BeQuick Software, Inc.  QuickTel by BeQuick Software | Hosted Telecom Billing Software for Wireless billing, VoIP, Triple Play and CLECs with billing, rating, provisioning, CRM, Workflow, Agents and more.
BeQuick QuickTel Postpaid Billing Software As a competitive carrier, the success of your business depends on how well you can stay ahead of the curve. BeQuick delivers a turn-key platform with the...
BeQuick QuickTel Prepaid Billing Software As a prepaid CLEC, the success of your business depends on how well you can stay ahead of the curve. BeQuick delivers the flexibility and features you need...
BridgeWave Communications  BridgeWave Communications is the leading supplier of high capacity 4G backhaul and gigabit wireless connectivity solutions.
4G Mobile Backhaul Today's mobile backhaul is comprised of copper-based T1/E1 circuits, microwave links and a small portion of fiber. As 4G capabilities are added to today's...
60 GHz Gigabit Ethernet BridgeWave 60 GHz wireless Ethernet bridges provide wireless gigabit performance with robust wireless network security features. BridgeWave wireless bridges...
Bullroarer Corporation Pty Ltd.  Bullroarer is a global mobile entertainment company specializing in delivering mobile content and specialist infrastructure enabling brands worldwide to deliver mobile content directly to their consumers.
Secure Premium and Virtual Cash Billing Premium SMS Billing is used by businesses that need to bill their consumers using the mobile channel. It works like a standard text message, “wrapped” in an...
Cellmania  Cellmania drives mobile ecosystems for mobile operators, infrastructure providers and content owners. Cellmania's integrated mFinder™ solution provides infrastructure on either a licensed or hosted basis to allow digital...
Cellmania mFinder Cellmania mFinder™ is a complete ecosystem solution for mobile operators to deliver and sell applications (J2ME, Microsoft Smartphone, Symbian), ringtones,...
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Wireless Billing - Product Reviews

Making billing management systems secure
Valerie Coffey, Online Industry Editor

With online payments, the greatest risk to security is when either the seller or purchaser are not who they claim to be. The 3-D Secure protocol from Aptilo Networks installed in the WiFi mesh network of the Bahamas ties the financial authorization process to an online authentication mechanism based on a three-domain model, thus the name “3-D” Secure. Read more

Bad Piggy Bank in-app billing coming to Angry Birds

Valerie Coffey, Online Industry Editor

European mobile-payments provider Fortumo (Tartu, Estonia and Sunnyvale, CA ) has announced that its in-app payment platform Bad Piggy Bank will add support for offline payments via SMS text messaging. The in-game payment model for Rovio‘s Angry Birds game on Android lets users either remove the ad on the free version of the game or buy the upcoming Mighty Eagle update. Bad Piggy Bank works by charging in-app purchases to the user’s mobile phone bill. The user can pay with a single click without leaving the application… Read More

Google overhauls payment and refunds in Android Market app storefront
Valerie Coffey, Online Industry Editor

Google continues to overhaul its Android Market application storefront, introducing new features to improve merchandising and distribution as well as reducing consumers’ download refund window from 24 hours to 15 minutes. Writing on the Android Developers Blog, Android Developer Ecosystem manager Eric Chu explains that over the next two weeks, Google will roll out a new Android Market client for all devices running OS version 1.6 or higher, promising a streamlined browse-to-purchase experience… Read More

In-app billing facilitates the “impulse buy”—but does it keep the customer safe?

Valerie Coffey, Online Industry Editor

Demand for mobile applications soared in 2010, due to the wave of increased smartphone ownership. More smartphones mean more users are availing themselves of access to thousands of third-party apps, such as gaming, music, and movies. Each of those apps is a wireless billing problem in need of a solution. Enter in-app billing… Read More

Where the growth is: in-app billing growth estimated at 600% for 2011
Valerie Coffey, Online Industry Editor

Billing and analytics provider Bango (Cambridge, England and New York, NY) estimates that in-app revenues this year accounted for 5% of all mobile app revenues, a number that will grow to 30% in 2011. That’s 600% growth! I spoke with Andy Bovingdon, Bango’s vice president of product marketing, about in-app wireless billing and why Bango thinks it’s booming … Read More


Wireless Billing Research Library

Netsize Mobile Marketing Survey 2009 Whitepaper
The latest Netsize report “Mobile Marketing Survey 2009 ‐ Can companies and brands rise to challenge and cash in on the mobile marketing opportunity?”, based on an online survey of 220+ executives and influencers, identifies the chief drivers and obstacles for Mobile Marketing and highlights the exciting business opportunities ahead for companies that use what appears to be a slow period to ...
Payforit - Mobile Billing evolved
Payforit - Mobile Billing evolved. txtNation provides the latest version of Payforit, Version 4 with the best in rates, payouts and support. What is Payforit? “ Payforit is a set of standards implemented by UK mobile txtNation provide version operators to develop a common framework for mobile 4 of the ever popular ” billing. mobile billing solution, Payforit. Payforit is the safest way to buy ...
JunglePay - Mobile Billing - Alternative Payments
JunglePay - Mobile Billing - Alternative Payments txtNation ® Global Reach, Personal Touch. “ Fact: In Europe, only half of online purchases are made using credit cards. 70% of online shoppers own a credit card, but only 36% of the online purchases are made using credit cards. Most online consumers prefer alternative payment types online. Alternative ” payment methods are a must for every ...
txtNation Gateway - Mobile Payments on the go.
txtNation Gateway - Mobile Payments on the go. txtNation ® Global Reach, Personal Touch. txtNation empowers organisations to charge for products and services via a user’s mobile phone. txtNation takes the unpredictability and complexity out of leveraging mobile billing solutions to end-users around the world, across “ countless networks. Compatible, cost-effective, and txtNation connects your ...
Wireless Optimization: Controlling Wireless Costs
Do more and more people at your company have a BlackBerry or an iPhone? Are they ordering their own cellular device and submitting expense reports? If so, take a look at what your wireless-spend is actually paying for. It is likely that you are overspending a lot on overages or in cost-per-minute for users who are not reaching their monthly maximums.

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