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Patton Electronics  Patton is your source for VoIP routers, SBC Session border controllers, Voip media gateways, internet access routers, WAN routers, high-speed internet, DSL modems, DSL routers ethernet extenders, remote access servers,...
Patton Model 2960/16 The Patton 2960 RAS is an ideal solution for the established Internet Service Provider that is expanding into a new calling area. By integrating...
Patton Model 2960/24 The Patton 2960 RAS is an ideal solution for the established Internet Service Provider that is expanding into a new calling area. By integrating...
Bomgar Corporation  Bomgar's mission is to change the way work is done. We work to free the enterprise tech support community from the restraints of access barriers and geography, and from the inefficiency of traditional phone-based and...
Wave Systems Corp.  Wave Systems is a leading provider of client and server software for hardware-based digital security, enabling organizations to know who is connecting to their critical IT infrastructure, protect corporate data, and...
EMBASSY® Embedded TPM technology puts a hardware root-of-trust in each individual TPM-enabled PC. The TPM root-of-trust enables unprecedented levels of security...
WebEx (Cisco Systems, Inc)  WebEx Communications offers Web communication services that enable greater productivity and cost-efficiency across the enterprise.
ServerBeach Dedicated Servers  ServerBeach is a leading Dedicated Hosting provider that delivers powerful dedicated servers, convenient server management tools, and 24x7x365 LifeGuard Support™ all on our rock-solid PEER 1 IT infrastructure and...
Core 2 Duo E8400 2 TB/mo bandwidth ,RAID Capable DDR2 Memory (up to 667MHz)
Dual Xeon 5420 DQC .5 TB/mo bandwidth, RAID Capable High Performance Memory (Up to 800 MHz) 7200 RPM,SATA II Hard Drives
Lan Tricks  LanSpy is network security and port scanner, which allows getting different information about computer: Domain and NetBios names, MAC address, Server information, Domain and Domain controller information, Remote control,...
LanShutDown - remote shutdown or remote reboot a computer LanShutDown LanShutDown will allow you to remote shutdown or remote reboot a computer under W2K/XP control through a network. In addition you can write a message to be...
SurfKitchen  SurfKitchen is uniquely focused on delivering a compelling user experience on mobile. SurfKitchen's simple logical menus ensure true Quality of Experience; easy discovery, consumption and repeat usage of mobile data...
SurfKit Mobile Server Installing an application to a mobile device should not be the end goal for an operator or service provider, it should be the beginning. Clearly to keep...
Carlson Wireless Technologies, Inc.  Specializing in hard-to-reach regions and remote operations, Carlson provides fixed-wireless systems using TV white-space and microwave technology to deliver full voice and data connections.
RuralConnect IP TV White Space Radio UHF/VHF broadband radio
Performance Technologies  Performance Technologies is a global supplier of integrated IP-based platforms and solutions for advanced communications networks and innovative computer system architectures. Our Embedded Systems Group offers robust...
Pre-Integrated Systems Application-Ready Systems and communications servers from PT break you free of the tedious and time consuming tasks of testing, configuring, and validating...
Orban/CRL  From ESPN to the BBC, Orban products are at work in radio and television stations around the world. Designing audio products for the challenges of broadcasting has kept Orban busy, and successful, for over thirty...
Opticodec-PC Remote Opticodec-PC Remote allows the user to adjust all of the codec's parameters and update them from a PC work place.
InControl Technology Inc  InControl Technology Inc., headquartered in San Diego, California, is a leading provider of IT asset security through discovery, inventory and management solutions. The company designs, develops, sells and supports...
InControl iSupport - Workstation and Server Remote Control iSupport is used for remote diagnosis and repair of Windows-based PCs and servers. It provides preprogrammed functions and automated test scripting for fast...
Aptilo Networks  Aptilo Networks is the global leader in integrated service management and access control solutions for billing, user services and access in WiMAX™ and Wi-Fi networks
Redline Communications  Redline Communications manufactures powerful and versatile wireless broadband systems used to cost-effectively deploy distributed applications and services and to power 4G networks.
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Remote Access Servers - Product Reviews

Remote access servers must use strong security techniques to keep up with increasingly dispersed infrastructures.

Remote access servers help keep organizations connected, as more and more workers work remotely and need to access company servers quickly, easily and concurrently. Businesses demand high-bandwidth connections, with low latency. But remote access must also include excellent security features, and IT vigilance to watch for risky unsecured remote access endpoints. Remote access servers are usually associated with a firewall for security, but trends in security around these servers point to further use of encryption and strong authentication using one-time password generators, as well as more secure access software.

Remote access servers are often used as part of a virtual private network (VPN), and modern VPNs might be SSL or IPsec types. Organizations have moved away from legacy dial-in servers for remote access, but as equipment configuration becomes more complicated, managed services can become very appealing. Web conferencing signals a growing need for even more available and efficient remote access servers. Management of remote access servers should be increasingly simplified and centralized.

Best-in-Class Remote Access Servers Features:

  • Considers and meets the needs of the organization’s mobile users, with a future eye toward mobile remote access to computers and web resources
  • Maintains local and remote event logs, access logs and data logs, and supports session management
  • Handles a high number of users per server and offers continuous availability and efficiency

Top Considerations before Buying Remote Access Servers Products:

Security around remote access servers continues to evolve. Added encryption, authentication and thin client or remote control, rather than remote access, software can add security features to protect data and devices at endpoints. Integrated remote management can add simplicity, as does a centrally controlled management location for servers. Chief among remote server access goals is maintaining the availability of servers in increasingly dispersed infrastructures, with growing data volumes, bandwidth-intensive content and remote workers. Remote servers may see a future where everything, including client software, resides on the remove server.

Key Products

1. Patton Electronics Co. designs, develops, and manufactures electronic communications equipment for network access, connectivity, voice-over-IP, video surveillance and triple play. Patton offers more than a thousand products, including SmartNode VoIP solutions for analog and ISDN telephony, Visuality mobile-video surveillance, collection, and intelligence distribution solutions, ForeFront multi-service access infrastructure solutions for TDM and IP service delivery, IPLink CPE solutions for last-mile/local-loop access, CopperLink Ethernet Extenders, EtherBITS device servers, EnviroNET hardened networking equipment, and a full range of network-connectivity tools like interface converters, short-range modems, multiplexers and surge protectors.

2. E-Band Communications Corporation designs and manufactures multi-gigabit capacity wireless communication systems based on 71-86 GHz millimeter-wave radio technology. E-Band aims to solve last-mile access bottleneck problems, connect enterprises to fiber networks, and enable backhaul of mobile (3G/4G) and fixed wireless (WiFi, WiMax) networks. Their Wireless GigE technology lets business owners install private data transport networks without having to install fiber.

3. Performance Technologies is a supplier of integrated IP-based platforms and solutions for advanced communications networks and computer system architectures. Their Embedded Systems Group offers application-ready platforms that incorporate open-standards based software and hardware. Performance Technology’s Signaling Systems Group offers the SEGway product suite, which includes IP STPs, SS7 over IP transport solutions, and signaling gateways that use IP networks. They also provide pre-integrated, application-ready systems and servers.

4. Aptilo Networks provides integrated management solutions for control of billing, user services and access in WiMAX and Wi-Fi networks. Their Guest Internet Access allows customers, business partners and key stakeholders to use wireless technology to access their corporate resources securely from customers’ offices. It employs redundant pairs of the Aptilo Access Controller at the regional breakout points to the Internet, and smaller access controllers at the local offices outside the WAN to connect them to the corporate office, all managed from a central point. 

5. COMTREND supplies broadband equipment that embeds ADSL, ADSL2+, Bonded ADSL2+, VDSL2 and GPON technologies to support triple-play voice, video and data applications including IP-Video, VoIP, WiFi and industry standard QoS with VLAN traffic assignment and more. Their CT-ACS TR-069 Auto-configuration Server can automatically configure to the TR-069 standard and performs other service functions. Recent product releases include NexusLink bonded routers and wireless video adapters. 
Remote Access Servers
Definition: A remote access server is the computer and associated software that is set up to handle users seeking access to network remotely. Sometimes called a communication server, a remote access server usually includes or is associated with a firewall server to ensure security and a router that can forward the remote access request to another part of the corporate network. A remote access server may include or work with a modem pool manager so that a small group of modems can be shared among a large number of intermittently present remote access users. The remote access server allows users to gain access to files and print services on the LAN from a remote location.


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