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Telmar Network Technology  Telmar provides multi-vendor repair, spare parts management, reverse logistics, technical network support, plus Extended Life and certified pre-owned refurbished telecom products to telecom OEMs, network service providers...
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SANRAD  SANRAD enabling hundreds of organizations worldwide to effectively access, share and manage storage across standard Ethernet environments.
EXPAND NETWORKS INC  Expand Networks is a technology company that helped pioneer the Wide Area Network (WAN) Optimization market. Founded in 1998, Expand Networks has grown to be the leading provider of "Virtual Proximity" solutions over the...
Virtual accelerator Expand Networks’ WAN Acceleration technology, recognized as the industry’s best at accelerating and ensuring wide-area network traffic performance,...
Shunra Software Ltd   Shunra Software is the market leader in providing WAN emulation solutions that enable organizations to deliver high performing network applications to their global end-users. Shunra has patent-pending technology for...
Shunra for HP Software The only pre-production WAN, Web, Mobile, Cloud emulation technology integrated within HP LoadRunner and Performance Center.Enables each load generator to...
SyChip, Inc.  SyChip, Inc., a subsidiary of Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd., develops and markets Chip Scale Modules, Semiconductors and Software for the wireless mobile market. The company’s RF modules are differentiated due to...
HS SDIO SyChip’s HS-SDIO driver doubles the wireless LAN throughput in current Windows CE devices. This driver, together with company’s wireless LAN module,...
Riverbed Technology, Inc  Riverbed Technology, Inc. is the performance leader in wide-area network (WAN) solutions. Riverbed is a truly global company, with offices and partners in every major city across the globe and thousands of products in use...
Cloud Steelhead™ Cloud Steelhead™ offers the same WAN optimization functionality you’ve come to know and trust, in a form factor that’s much better suited for public cloud...
Riverbed TurboCap Riverbed TurboCap is a feature-rich Gigabit Ethernet packet capture and injection solution with advanced features such as simultaneous full-rate capture and...
Reliance Globalcom Ltd.  Reliance Globalcom provides global communication services to Service Providers, Enterprises and Consumers across the globe through its high performance and resilient global network.
LightRiver Technologies  LightRiver Technologies is a multi-vendor integrator of next generation transport solutions for mission-critical networks. LightRiver delivers unique value with turnkey solutions, carrier-class quality, high standards of...
Zhone IMACS Family The concept of Integrated Access began with the introduction of the IMACS. Initially, the IMACS was a vision that brought bandwidth savings for voice and...
US Robotics (USR)  We've built our reputation for excellence by developing fast, dependable, easy-to-use analog modems that helped connect a generation. Now we're helping your business connect more — more quickly for POS transactions, more...
Wireless LAN Networking Wireless technology has helped to simplify networking by enabling multiple computer users to simultaneously share resources in a home or business without...
ADTRAN  ADTRAN, Inc. is a leading global provider of networking and communications equipment, with a portfolio of intelligent solutions deployed by some of the world’s largest service providers, distributed enterprises and small...
ATLAS 800 Quad Nx56/64 V.35 Module An ATLAS 800 Series module providing four synchronous V.35 ports.
Blue Ridge Networks  Protection solutions from Malware, Data Leakage, and Network Attacks through security software, virtual/physical VPN appliances, virtual endpoints, and managed security services.
Blue Ridge/Secure Managed WAN Service Carrier Grade Services without MPLS Cost and Complexity
Star Microwave  Star Microwave Licensed and License-Exempt wireless microwave systems support backbone, backhaul, last-mile, fiber extension, broadcast, and surveillance with products and services.
Aricent  Aricent’s consulting, design and engineering services span the entire product development lifecycle and help fuel efficient innovation. With more than 20 years of expertise and a force of more than 10,000 dedicated...
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Integrated WAN - Product Reviews

Organizations want networks with flexibility, availability and speed, and integrated WAN is meeting the challenge

The pressure is on organizations to streamline networks, as the number of branch offices and virtual workers keep growing. Slow response times and application performance issues can also drive the need for WAN optimization and integration. Integrated WAN can consolidate silos of optimization found in WANS in data centers and remote offices. It can bring Ethernet, VPN, firewall and other security functionality together with WAN connectivity for simplified, flexible network management.

Integrating the WAN with the LAN is becoming more common, as is integrating desktops, wireless devices, network security and firewall capabilities, VoIP, email, voicemail and other protocols over a single network. Routers and cards may offer integrated WAN capabilities too. Integrating WAN extends connectivity to other applications and across network tiers, allowing support for multiple applications on a converged infrastructure.

Best-in-Class Integrated WAN Features:

  • Enables unified connectivity, offers service guarantees and end-to-end security abilities
  • Offers access to performance statistics
  • Integrates voice, video, asynchronous and synchronous data and LAN traffic

Top Considerations before Buying Integrated WAN Products:

Future trends around integrated WAN may include integration of industry standards for increased interoperability. Smart Grid solutions for energy and utility are a hot topic, and that technology can incorporate integrating the WAN with new neighborhood area networks (NAN). That general network integration adds a metering infrastructure to the WAN.

Key Products:

1. Patton designs, develops, and manufactures electronic communications equipment for network access, connectivity, voice-over-IP, video surveillance and triple play. Their router product line includes single- and dual-port options, Ethernet, T1 and E1 options. Many routers feature integrated WAN interfaces, transparent LAN bridging and auto learning. Patton also offers SmartNode VoIP solutions, Visuality mobile-video surveillance and ForeFront access infrastructure solutions. Their Micro-Products include interface converters, short-range modems, multiplexers and surge protectors.

2. Telmar Network Technology provides global support solutions to service providers, delivering multi-vendor repair solutions. Telmar repairs more than 70,000 SKUs in house and runs a spare parts management program to optimize customer inventory and planning. Their new, remanufactured and blended solutions include servers, telephones, test equipment, modems, set top boxes, key phone systems and private branch exchanges. Product development services extend the life of Telmar’s acquired product lines, as their engineering and R&D departments develop new features for their Extended Life products in addition to product enhancements.

3. Ecessa provides WAN link controllers for WAN and ISP link aggregation, automated load balancing, failover and network security for small-to-medium sized enterprises (SME) that rely on the Internet for e-commerce application delivery. Ecessa uses multi-homing to connect a single LAN or WAN to multiple ISPs, enables quality-of-service (QoS) to prioritize network traffic, and uses link load balancing and automatic failover. The ClariLink WAN link controllers deliver voice application management for real-time session reliability over the Internet. PowerLink is a link controller for bandwidth aggregation, link load balancing and failover. And ShieldLink secure WAN link controllers provide WAN link aggregation, load balancing, failover and traffic shaping, and include a built-in firewall and VPN gateway.

4. Elfiq Networks develops products around link balancing and WAN applications. Their Link Balancer product line lets organizations use and manage multiple concurrent ISPs and private WAN links to balance traffic loads. Products offered are focused on either small, medium or enterprise-size companies with appropriate functionality. It allows for the use of any ISP link including low-cost links, QoS traffic segmentation, SIP awareness, inbound traffic management and advanced balancing algorithms. Other features include LAN failsafe capabilities, time of day considerations and high availability.

Integrated WAN
Definition: A WAN consists of various network connections between multiple sites. A WAN is used to provide inter-connectivity between remote sites typically using speeds considerably less than that of wired LAN connection. The convergence of telephony, video, storage and traditional data over a single network is inevitable with Integrated WAN.


Integrated WAN Research Library

Benchmarking Performance Mapping the road to success
Telmar Network Technology
This paper examines how benchmarking can impact network performance and ultimately revenue production in the Russia & Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) telecommunications market. Since the 1980s, the Russia & Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) region has undergone significant growth and change in the telecommunications sector. Most notably, during the last decade, Russia and most of ...
Patton Whitepaper: Building a Bigger Pipe: Inverse Multiplexing for Transparent Ethernet Bridging over Bonded T1/E1s
Patton Electronics
Building a Bigger Pipe: Inverse Multiplexing for Transparent Ethernet Bridging over Bonded T1/E1s Copyright Copyright © 2008, Patton Electronics Company. All rights reserved. This paper proposes a solution for extending the availability of transparent high-speed Ethernet by re-using the existing T1/E1 TDM network. By employing inverse multiplexing technology with support for jumbo Ethernet ...
Wireless LAN Networking
US Robotics (USR)
Wireless technology has helped to simplify networking by enabling multiple computer users to simultaneously share resources in a home or business without additional or intrusive wiring. These resources might include a broadband Internet connection, network printers, data files, and even streaming audio and video. This kind of resource sharing has become more prevalent as computer users have ...
Understanding the Potential of Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR)
Integration New Media, Inc. (INM)
Broad industry trends point toward major changes in how companies will communicate with their clients in the coming years. In both the business to business (B2B) and business to consumer (B2C) sectors, there is significant interest in leveraging rich web experiences to sell products, provide information, and facilitate communications. Traditional advertising methods, including television, are ...
A Guide to WAN Application Delivery for the SME Market
Today’s small-to-medium sized enterprises (SME) are undergoing the same IT evolution as their large enterprise counterparts, only on a smaller scale. For SMEs, WAN reliability, flexible scalability, performance and ease of management are as essential to their WAN infrastructure as they are to a large enterprise. SMEs are able to achieve efficiencies and competitive advantages through the ...

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