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Black Box Network Services
Learn why intelligent mesh is the best enterprise wireless solution. Wireless technology is evolving quickly. Here’s why 802.11n wireless in a mesh topology is today’s preferred wireless architecture. This white paper provides an overview of wireless evolution from infrastructure mode wireless to wireless mesh. It discusses mesh architecture and explains how to approach the deployment of a ...
Wireless Optimization: Controlling Wireless Costs
Do more and more people at your company have a BlackBerry or an iPhone? Are they ordering their own cellular device and submitting expense reports? If so, take a look at what your wireless-spend is actually paying for. It is likely that you are overspending a lot on overages or in cost-per-minute for users who are not reaching their monthly maximums.
Wireless broadband
Aruba Networks, Inc
Sending broadband video over wireless LANs (WLANs) used to be a trying experience, with jitter and dropouts marring picture quality, and bandwidth limits restricting the number of available channels. Three developments have transformed the video landscape by making it possible to transmit multiple channels of high-quality video over a multi- use WLAN that is also carrying data and voice. To ...
The Wireless Revolution
On average, a new wireless device, complete with its own quirks and running on an increasingly sophisticated array of operating systems, reaches the market every 45 days. Once simply a means of maintaining communications, these devices are now capable of running powerful business applications, processing high definition video and consuming ever more bandwidth. As these devices become more ...
Ovation Wireless Management Document
Ovation Wireless Management
Customers of wireless services have long been dogged by hefty penalties for exceeding data limits and slow information access to their own data plan statuses. It now seems however, that the days of delayed bill management and cost shock could be a thing of the past if the new software proposed recently is to be widely implemented. Real Time Optimization could possible revolutionize wireless cost ...

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AvaLAN Wireless 900 Mhz Radio on Discovery Channel AvaLAN Wireless AvaLAN wireless technology being used for a military remote control urban surveillance robot.
What is KORE's M2M Value Proposition KORE Telematics Robert Metzler EVP, Sales ans Marketing explains how KORE excels as a trusted partner for M2M deployments with best coverage, optimized pricing, ...

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